Library Bootcamp For Teachers

March 23, 2020 | Mike Donohue
Library Bootcamp for Teachers - Library U

Every June, educators from across Orange County are invited to Orlando Public Library to participate in the one-day, interactive learning experience, Library U. From storytimes, to Virtual Reality Game Design classes, Orange County Library System (OCLS) offers an almost imposing number of learning opportunities for students at all points of their academic career. Library U allows educators to experience these opportunities first-hand and discover how they can be best utilized to assist in achieving their instructional goals.

“With the wealth of resources I learned about today, I’ll be able to translate back to our entire staff,” said one past participant. “I’ll be able to impact a lot of teachers and a lot of students through the free resources you guys exposed me to today.”

The Library U agenda is comprised of a number of hands-on experiences with emerging technologies and classroom-enhancing resources, and presentation topics including STEM education, Video/Audio Production and Fiber Arts. Attendees will also get to hear personally from staff who oversee online databases and digital collections, as well as other library stakeholders and figureheads devoted to the long-term success of Orange County students.

“The databases are voluminous and incredible – I had no idea you had so many!” – Library U Graduate

Beyond the learning and development opportunities, there are a variety of tangible benefits for Library U attendees: breakfast and lunch are provided, and all participants are awarded a $75 honorarium. Library U is also a recognized professional learning opportunity by Orange County Public Schools, therefore staff or faculty that are part of OCPS can earn in-service points for attending. Application deadline is Monday, May 4.

OCLS has long positioned itself as a partner in education; providing unfettered access of learning resources and experiences to residents, completely for free. With Library U, we are excited to demonstrate the ways our resources might help fill in the gaps of a student’s education and facilitate a more complete academic experience for both student and instructor.

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