Offbeat Children’s Books Destined to Become Classics

Children’s Book Week is the perfect time to discover a new “read it again” storybook for your little one. While there are always the beloved, classic stories that we all remember from our childhood, it is worth taking a look at some of the more quirky and offbeat stories that have appeared over the last couple of years. Here are 10 offbeat children’s storybooks destined to become classics and guaranteed to find a place on your bookshelf.

77 Years of Batman

On April 25, 1940, “Batman #1” was released to newsstands throughout the United States.  While not officially the first appearance of the Caped Crusader, Batman #1 does mark Bruce Wayne’s first appearance in a solo comic series. 77 years and over 600 issues later, the Batman comics continue to capture the imagination of people throughout the world.

Happy Birthday Charlotte Brontë!

Here are 10 facts to commemorate the 201st birthday of British novelist, Charlotte Brontë, most famously known for writing Jane Eyre.


1. Charlotte Brontë was born on April 21, 1816 in Thornton, England to an Anglican clergyman (Reverend Patrick Bronte) and Maria Branwell. She grew up in nearby Haworth, in a parsonage on the Yorkshire moors.


Books to Read with your Children in Honor of Autism Awareness Month

Storybooks to Help Children Understand Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder

April is National Autism Awareness Month and what better way to gain awareness than by reading and teaching your child about autism and sensory processing disorder. Whether your child is on the spectrum, you know someone who is autistic, or you simply wish to teach your child to understand and be inclusive, there is a story for you!

YA Books for Adults

YA novels have exploded in popularity within the last few years. From Hunger Games to The Fault in Our Stars, they cover a range of topics and offer a new look at the teenage years. Though they’re written with  a teenage audience in mind, that doesn’t mean adult readers don’t enjoy them as well. Here are a few of our favorite YA novels that adults should check out.

National Library Workers Day

Happy National Library Week!

Have you ever wondered what library workers do all day? Strictly speaking, not everyone who works in a library is a librarian. Like a hospital has doctors, nurses, and several types of technicians and assistants, employees in various roles make a library run. Their duties and training differ, but all of them love working with technology and people.

Asimov—A Pillar of Science Fiction: Part 1

Isaac Asimov’s bibliography count is around 500 published books. The exact number depends on the source. Although he delved into subjects ranging from politics to astrophysics, in both fiction and non-fiction formats, Asimov is remembered most commonly for the three series that would help shape and define the genre of science fiction. These are the Robot, Empire, and Foundation series. Each one begins as a single novel without a plan for continuation. These were some of his first stories ever published.

April Instagram Photo Challenge

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