Strategic Area One: Improve the Customer Experience, establishing OCLS as a friendly, welcoming and community centric service.

A. Establish an ongoing customer service training program

  1. Evaluate efficacy of efforts through customer and staff feedback
  2. Develop and implement customer service Branch/Department of the year award
  3. Provide managerial refresh training to support system expectations
  4. Create training opportunities for staff that will enhance customers’ experiences

B. Evolve the Mystery Shopper program to be a customer feedback based metric which delivers on customer-centric attributes. Engage in an ongoing program of customer feedback.

  1. Evaluate and adapt current customer feedback instruments to incorporate new customer service standards
  2. Review staff recognition program and make appropriate adjustments
  3. Incorporate agile survey techniques into survey processes

C. Provide inviting facilities to fulfill community needs

  1. Evaluate Children’s area furniture and space usage plan and adjust as necessary
  2. Evaluate customer service areas, furniture and space usage with a focus on Main
  3. Implement a new furniture and space usage plan at additional location(s)
  4. Implement the new furniture and space usage plan at the new Edgewater Branch
  5. Develop interior signage/wayfinding and implement a plan to streamline
  6. Evaluate charging areas and make recommendations for changes

D. Enhance the on-boarding experience for new customers

  1. Evaluate whether efforts to improve experience result in more frequent use of library services using customer utilization patterns maintained by I.S.
  2. Consider customization of welcoming videos to reflect location of customer’s registration
  3. Develop photo / selfie opportunities for new card celebrations
  4. Evaluate using different types of Library cards per the customer type or preference
  5. Create training opportunities for staff that will enhance the customer’s experience

Strategic Area Two: Increase awareness of OCLS and what is offered

A. Develop a strategic marketing plan

  1. Launch rebranded collateral for system-wide use
  2. Explore new marketing trends and opportunities
  3. Explore marketing messages sent and evaluate success
  4. Communicate marketing initiative system-wide
  5. Evaluate use of videos at beginning of events

B. Leverage testimonials

  1. Develop marketing campaign that focuses on storytelling.
  2. Develop opportunities to create development of user-generated content
  3. Launch Facebook group for library ambassadors
  4. Develop and grow partnerships with OCLS ambassadors.

C. Community outreach that builds awareness

  1. Provide staff access to outreach resources and training
  2. Integrate outreach duties into Spectrum assistant manager job descriptions

D. Empower employees to be ambassadors for OCLS

  1. Give staff tools to become better public speakers
  2. Offer outreach training and tips for staff, in person at staff day
  3. Require all staff to complete outreach training in SumTotal

Strategic Area Three: Deliver experiences that offer opportunities to help the community learn and grow

A. Kindergarten preparedness

  1. Develop early learning resources for families
  2. Develop educational workshop for educators and daycare providers
  3. Evaluate and offer meetups for parent-to parent networking
  4. Develop basic skills classes such as computer skills

B. Early and family learning

  1. Evaluate and build upon STEAM programming
  2. Implement the birth to teen initiative plan, focusing on each stage of life
  3. Develop parent & caregiver resources to assist in their child’s skill building
  4. Develop staff training workshops to help enhance the quality of youth programming

C. Provide experiences to enhance life skills

  1. Collaborate with organizations who are experts in their field to offer events and classes
  2. Explore expanding meet-up groups to more locations
  3. Evaluate grant opportunities and seek out new funding sources
  4. Research and pursue new grant opportunities
  5. Coordinate ESOL curriculum development and create a training plan for staff

D. Provide service delivery via technology

  1. Explore and implement alternatives to traditional services
  2. Refine Technology plan
  3. Investigate alternative ILS system

E. Explore new potential locations, project revenues and capital resources to service the community

  1. Consider opening small, leased facility in Horizon West
  2. Evaluate Eatonville, Hiawassee & Southwest lease agreements
  3. Open new Edgewater Branch

F. Partner with schools

  1. Evaluate the success of student virtual cards
  2. Evaluate the success of school visits
  3. Offer alternative Library U type experiences in efforts to educate the educators

G. Foster Innovation & New Services

  1. Explore and develop non-traditional library services
  2. Expand and offer Melrose type services to more locations

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