General Information


Orange County Library District

Public Purpose:

public library


Orange County, exclusive of the cities of Winter Park & Maitland


public library

Creation document:

Chapter 99-486, Laws of Florida

Date established:

1980 (80-555 Laws of Florida)

Establishing entity:

Florida Legislature

Public Facilities



Contact Information

Registered Agent:

Robert Tessier
Orange County Library District
101 East Central Blvd.
Orlando, FL 32801
(407) 835-7620


Library Board of Trustees:

Ted Maines, 2016-2019

Lisa Franchina, 2016-2019

Marucci Guzmán

á, 2013-2016

Richard Maladecki, 2015-2018

Mailing address for Trustees is same as for Registered Agent shown above.

Trustees are appointed by the Library District Governing Board, which is comprised of the Board of County Commissioners plus one member appointed by the City Council of the City of Orlando.


Revenue Information

Fees and Fines


Ad valorem millage rate:


Statutory authority for tax levy:

Chapter 99-486, Laws of Florida


General Financial Information

Fiscal year:

October 1 - September 30

Budget amendments:


Tentative & final budget

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

Annual Financial Report



Code of Ethics for Public Officers and Employees

District's Gratuities and Gift Policy


District's Defined Benefit Pension Plan

Pension Disclosure Information / Defined Benefit Pension Plan


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