Available for Orange County Residents 17 and under

To obtain a juvenile resident card:

  • A parent or legal guardian may visit any Orange County Library location with appropriate ID to obtain a card for a child 17 or under. An appropriate ID is a valid Florida Driver's License or Florida State Identification showing the parent/guardian's correct name and residential street address within the Library District.
  • If the parent/guardian's Florida Driver's License or Florida State ID lists a P.O. Box or any address other than their correct residential street address, additional identification is required. The parent/guardian may present a current property tax receipt for real property, a current utility, cable, or home telephone bill, or a current bank statement that is in their name and has the correct residential street address.
  • If the parent/guardian does not have a Florida Driver's License or Florida State ID, they may present a current Driver's License or State ID from another U.S. State or a U.S. Military ID to confirm identity. These exceptions require that the Library make a photocopy of the identification presented.
  • A parent or legal guardian must sign and accept financial responsibility for the child's library card privileges.
  • Cards are issued for four years or until the juvenile card holder turns 18. At that time the juvenile card holder is eligible for an adult card. Before that card may be issued, all fees and fines must be paid in full on an existing juvenile account.
  • It is not possible to apply online for a juvenile card, but you can download this form and bring it to the library with an appropriate ID.

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