The library has assembled a Vault collection of older DVD titles available by request through the library catalog for home delivery. Titles are placed in the Vault after their initial popularity declines and we find that we have sufficient copies to make them available for both walk in and requestable use. There are thousands of titles to choose from in the Vault collection. Newer and popular entertainment DVDs are not included in the Vault collection due to their popularity and demand.

Finding a specific title in the Vault collection

To search for a specific title in the DVD Vault enter the following in the search box, d:dvd vault AND t:”title you are looking for” Example: d:dvd vault AND t:Harry Potter 

DVD Vault Keyword Search

You can also find a specific title by using Advanced Search, entering the title you are looking for and selecting "DVD Vault" from the list of Material Type options.

DVD Vault Advanced Search


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