Your items may be renewed online, over the phone through the renewal line (407-835-7323 Option 2), or another OCLS location. Please call Questline if you need more information: 407-835-7323.
Several reasons exist for why you may not be able to renew your items:
To perform any of these actions, you must first log in to your online library card account. Within your library card account you can see the items you have checked out, the items you have on hold, and the fines you have accrued.
We understand that many patrons like to know which items from their Checked Out list cannot be renewed so they can plan to read (or listen or view) these items first. The only way to know if an item can be renewed is by attempting the renewal process. All items on your list can be renewed at one...
Renewals Library cardholders may renew their own materials online. All material may be renewed except for materials with reserves and materials on which you owe fines. The option to renew items is easily accessed through your library card account online.