Saturday, June 23, 2 - 4 p.m.

Celebrate 20 years of everything Harry Potter. Magic awaits with trivia, games and fun for the entire family. Dress in your Hogwarts house colors and don’t forget your most outrageous sock in honor of Dobby. RSVP on our Facebook page and let us know that you're attending!

All things Harry Potter

List of Activities/Locations*:

First Floor - Ministry of Magic, Forbidden Forest and Hogsmeade

  • Photo Op
  • House Colors popcorn bar
  • Feather Quill Making
  • Quidditch cornhole
  • Zonko's Joke Shop
  • Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets screening

Second Floor - Hogwarts

  • Harry Potter trivia
  • Make bowtruckles with Professor Sprout
  • Escape Room
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Invisibility Cloak activity
  • Portrait Studio
  • Movie clip sound effects activity
  • Letters from Hogwarts

Third Floor - Diagon Alley

  • Create your own Daily Prophet headline
  • Butter Beer samples
  • Get interviewed by Rita Skeeter

Fourth Floor - Owlery

  • Make a Howler at Eeyslops Owl Emporium

*Please note activities are subject to change.

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