Preschool Fun: Halloween!

October 16, 2020 | Lauren Mathur
Preschool Fun: Halloween!

What do birds say on Halloween? Trick or Tweet! That’s right, it’s Halloween time, so this month our preschool fun will be a bit...spooky!


  • What does a ghost say? 
  • What do we carve for Halloween? 
  • What do you want to dress up as for Halloween? 
  • What’s your favorite spoooooky creature? 


Read any book you may have that’s related to Halloween, or anything spooky! I really enjoy Room on a Broom by Julia Donaldson, Click Clack Boo by Doreen Cronin, Seven Orange Pumpkins by Stephen Savage, Happy Halloween by Lillian Jaine and Go Away Big Green Monster by Ed Emberley!


Room on a Broom by Julia Donaldson  Click Clack Boo by Doreen Cronin

Seven Orange Pumpkins by Stephen Savage  Happy Halloween by Lillian Jaine

Go Away Big Green Monster by Ed Emberley



I love the song The Monsters Stomp Around the House. Watch the video and then stomp and jump like a monster! 


A classic Halloween rhyme is 5 Little Pumpkins, which allows your child to not only count up to five, but learn place order (first, second, etc.) Have your child cut out five orange circles and make jack-o-lantern faces on them, then recite this rhyme:

Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate
The first one says, “Oh my it’s getting late!”
The second one says, “there are witches in the air.”
The third one says, “but we don’t care.”
The fourth one says, “let’s run, and run, and run.”
The fifth one says, “Weee this is fun!”
Then oooohhh went the wind and out went the light
And five little pumpkins rolled out of sight



A spooky skeleton!

Materials Needed: black construction paper, chalk or white crayon, Q-tips and glue

Have your child draw a circle for the skeleton’s head and add eyes. Then use Q-tips to make the bones! Glue down two for the spine, one for each arm, two for the legs, etc. Make it look however they’d like!

A skeleton craft made with black paper, white crayon and cotton swabs



  • Staple papers together and have each page represent a different Halloween friend. 
  • Write (or have your child write) the name of the friend on each page. (Ghost, Pumpkin, Witch, Vampire, Monster...)
  • Illustrate! Draw or cut out pictures for each page.

For additional Halloween fun, stop by any library branch, along with the Orange County Regional History Center, to get a free trick or treat bag full of candy, crafts and more! Then, join us the last week of October for a week of virtual fun at the Trick or Treat Safe Zone.

Trick or Treat Safe Zone

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