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Spring Crafts
May 22, 2017 | Nathaly Ruiz

Here in Orlando, our seasons always seem to be mushed together under one hot umbrella. Trying to make improvements or enhancements doesn't have to be super expensive, so to make this season stand out I’ve collected five simple DIY projects to make your home bloom. At the... READ MORE

No-Bake Desserts
April 17, 2017 | Rebecca Hyman

Looking for easy and fun-to-make desserts, but don’t want to spend your day in a hot kitchen? The library has you covered! These delicious sweet treats are guaranteed to satisfy—no oven required.

1.  Frozen Fudge Pops from The Joy of Cooking

What better way to... READ MORE

March 20, 2017 | OCLS Staff

The first day of Spring—also known as the Vernal Equinox—officially began today at 6:29 a.m. EDT. In numerous cultures, this transition marks an opportunity for new beginnings. Here are seven book recommendations from library staff to spring into gardening this year. Plus, we... READ MORE



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