Melrose Creative Expo

Saturday, February 11, 1 - 4 p.m.
  • Watch the Melrose Awards presentation, honoring the best projects created in the Melrose Center over the past year!
  • Enjoy live music from Terri Binion, Tony Miracle and the Timucua Arts Foundation.
  • Meet the Tourist City Ghostbusters.
  • Observe drone demonstrations from Graves RC Hobbies
  • Immerse yourself in virtual reality games.
  • Take part in activities in the Melrose Center studios as well as the Fabrication and Simulator Labs.
  • Interact with exhibitors from around the community, including:
  • American Society for Civil Engineers
  • Exploding Bacon
  • Orlando Robotics & Makers Club
  • Magic Haus Films
  • Orlando Science Center
    ...and many more!
Melrose Creative Expo

Since it opened in February 2014, the Dorothy Lumley Melrose Center for Technology, Innovation and Creativity has allowed OCLS to significantly expand its role as a provider of technology education. Occupying 26,000 square feet on the second floor of the Orlando Public Library, the Melrose Center allows users to gain the understanding required to be a contributor to and consumer of emerging technologies. 

Signing up to use the Melrose Center is easy—library patrons can become members by completing a short orientation, opening the door to a number of creative possibilities. The Melrose Center offers state of the art audio, video and photo studios, fabrication and simulation labs, an interactive media wall, editing bays, sound booths, collaborative work spaces and the means to pursue virtual reality and video game development. Over 7,000 OCLS patrons have become Melrose Members by taking the Center’s general orientation. Last year, Melrose instructors taught nearly 4,200 classes, guiding patrons toward self-sufficiency with an array of equipment and software.  During that same period, Melrose Members reserved over 2,000 sessions in studios, editing bays and sound booths.

The Melrose Center is also about collaboration and community. It is a monthly meetup venue for numerous groups with interests including robotics, podcasts, web development and game design.  Additionally, staff have created monthly meetup groups pertaining to specific areas of the Melrose Center, with combined group membership over 1,300.  The recently initiated Open Mic: The Voice of Melrose further encourages the community to embrace the center as a gathering place by inviting musicians and spoken word performers to take the stage each month to share their talents.

The Melrose Creative Expo provides the perfect opportunity to explore the Melrose Center as we look ahead to Year Four of its existence.  Come help celebrate the best projects created in the Center, tour the studios, learn about our growing immersive technology curriculum and connect with other people sharing common interests in the community.  

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