Current limits are set at five tokens per week. Songs are one token each and videos are two tokens each. Your counter will set back to zero each week, Monday morning. Then you can download five more tunes during the new week.
You have a weekly download allotment AND a daily streaming allotment. You have 5 song downloads (videos count as 2 songs) per week and unlimited streaming. Counters are in the upper right corner and will keep you informed of allotments. Things to know:
If you're having an issue playing song samples, please check that your browser Flash Player is version 10 or higher. Please note as well that Freegal Music is only fully supported on Internet Explorer 7, 8, or 9, Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome; it is not supported on AOL Explorer browser.
Once in a while, your Internet connection may be interrupted or time out and you might experience an incomplete or problem download. Freegal Music allows you to download previously downloaded songs again, without using up one of your weekly downloads. Songs you’ve had trouble downloading during the...
It's possible you inadvertently clicked on the "Download Now" link. Anytime you click on the "Download Now" link, even if you cancel the download, a download is used from your weekly allotment. If you're confident this isn't what happened, please send us your library card information and we'll...
There may be a setting on your computer that is preventing you from logging in to Freegal Music. There are a couple things you could try that may enable you to get through.
We highly recommend that when downloading a song, you select the option to save the file to a specific location on your computer. However, if you didn't specify a location or you opted to open the file without saving it, there are a couple things you can try to locate where the song was saved.
When you're ready to download a track, click the "Download Now" link, select Save at the prompt, and designate where you want to save the song. Anytime you click on the "Download now" link, even if you cancel the download, the download counts toward your weekly allotment.
Want to download and keep music forever? With Freegal Music, you can download up to 5 MP3 tracks per week from a selection of over 6 million songs and over 13,000 videos. They are yours to keep. In addition, you can stream an unlimited amount of music with Freegal Music's new streaming feature!
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