Housed on the second floor of the Orlando Public Library, the Melrose Center is a hub for Technology, Innovation and Creativity. Functional areas include an Audio Production Studio, a Video Production Studio, a Photo Studio, a Fab Lab, a Simulation Lab, a Conference Room, Creative Workspaces and...
Graphics below illustrate the paths to access for studios. Click on the studio graphics to access the recommended Course Tracks. The Course Tracks identify classes that provide either equipment training or software training that will aid you in using the studio.
The Melrose Center welcomes you and your imagination. We ask that all new users participate in a General Orientation for an overview of the Center’s services and terms of use.
As the contact person for the Melrose Center studio or equipment reservation request, you must be present for the duration of the session and ensure that all users follow the Terms of Use and Library Rules of Conduct. Cancellation Information
While most technology classes presented at the library are free to O.C. cardholders (and Fee cardholders), we have begun to introduce classes that include a Materials Fee. The Materials Fee covers the cost of materials used in class, which students can typically take home.  Orange County District...
Yes, check out
Like our adults classes offered system - wide, juveniles 13+ can also attend the studio equipment classes without an adult. Juveniles under the age of 13, must be accompanied by an adult 18+ if attending a studio equipment class.
If the juvenile wants to use the equipment in one of the studios, each person including the juvenile and the accompanied adult, must attend the desired Studio Access Orientation. Only the juvenile will then take the assessment which is given by an instructor. Once the requirements of the assessment...
Users under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult (18+) at all times while in the Center. To access the Center and the common areas, each person including the juvenile and accompanied adult must attend the General Orientation.
Yes, all users will receive a printed copy of the Terms of Use. It is also available online at under Services.
No. For special programming and events in Tech Central, there will be free access to the general public. For larger events, priority seating access will be given to Orange County Library cardholders and Fee cardholders.
Melrose members (those who attended the general orientation) can bring guests to collaborate and work on group projects. Guests will receive a wrist band stamped with the current date and must sign in the guest registry book. To guarantee a workspace for group projects/meetups in the Center, we...
No, staff will guide such requests to other appropriate areas of the Library.
Yes. Speak to a staff member at the Melrose Center desk about our self-guided tour option. Staff are also happy to answer any questions and explain how to make use of the resources in the Melrose Center.
No. *Exception: Bottled water is allowed only in the creative workspaces and Tech Central.