The Library has used the current calendar software system for over 10 years. We have reached a point where this software can no longer serve our needs. The Library offers a significant number of classes and events each month and we need a robust calendar system to optimize how staff create these ...
Purpose: The Orange County Library System has adopted the following procedure to ensure an opportunity for customers to make a formal complaint against a library decision or service. The Orange County Library System will accept and attempt to resolve all customer concerns at the service delivery...
Graphics below illustrate the paths to access for studios. Click on the studio graphics to access the recommended Course Tracks. The Course Tracks identify classes that provide either equipment training or software training that will aid you in using the studio.
Some library branches will serve as early voting sites for the 2020 Primary Early Voting and the General Election Early Voting.
To view the classes and events you have signed up for, please visit My Events and log in with either your library card and PIN or your last name and registration reference number.
The set up and takedown time are not included in your reservation, nor are you charged for this time.
You won't notice a change in appearance for searching for classes and events or finding spaces to book in our locations. The detail screens and request forms (for either registration or reservation) do look different. Please see examples below. Event Details
Requiring entry of your library card PIN instead of your last name is an improvement in security for the calendar system.
You will continue to use the search box and filters in the Classes & Events section of our website to find events of interest to attend. You will continue to use the Rooms & Studios section of the website to find the types of spaces we provide and at which locations.
We will not be migrating data for past events or past room bookings. In order to not overly complicate the migration process and to minimize the transition period between systems, we are only migrating registrations and room reservations from October 1, 2017 and forward. The new system will allow...
We're working closely with the calendar software vendor to migrate data from our old calendar system to the new. We will retain all your upcoming registrations and reservations.
A minimum lead time of four months is preferred to review the proposal, reserve a meeting room, and publicize the program.
Most events are done on a volunteer basis and are free to the public. Solicitation is not allowed.