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B-Side: Unrecorded

On display through February 2017.

Don't miss your chance to see an exhibition from The B-Side Artists, featuring pieces by German Lemus, Tre Harris, Peterson Guerrier, Halsi, Veronika Rose, Quillsong, Justin Barrows, and Chris Tobar Rodriguez.

The B-Side Artists is an Orlando arts collective. The original group is comprised of seven members, but over the years it has grown to include many more participants. The B-Side refers to the B-side of a cassette tape or the flip side of a record. In the 80s, it was common knowledge that when you bought a single on vinyl or cassette, one side held the mainstream song. The other held its twin – not necessarily destined to be a hit with the mainstream, but often an underground favorite. The B-Side Artists show the flip side of the Orlando art scene – they are the urban youth underdog artists who continue to surprise with their bold style and content and their willingness to create art in atypical conditions.

Chickasaw Branch

Photograms and Photography

On display through March.

As part of a project, Community School of the Arts (CSA) students were tasked with creating art using personal items found in their pockets or in the art studio. They arranged these items using minimalist concepts, photographed the design, and created a photogram - a picture produced with photographic materials, such as light-sensitive paper, but without a camera. 

The results of this project can currently be seen on the walls of the Chickasaw Branch.

More information about the Community School of the Arts can be found online, at womeninthearts.org.



The Art of Mary Liarte

On display through March.

Mary Liarte earned an M.B.A.in Finance, but her love of drawing and painting flourished when her sons left home in 2001 to go to college, and she found herself facing the empty-nest syndrome. 

At that time, she discovered her natural talent for drawing, and began to search for the knowledge that would allow her to express herself in different media. She likes figurative art and has preference for faces and expressions.




Edgewater Branch

The Art of Justin Fong Cruz

On display through March.

Justin is an Orlando based artist who creates pieces primarily using pen & ink, pencil & charcoal, and acrylic.  He also indulges regularly in short story & contemporary writing, writing & recording music, and tattooing.

On display are miniature paper models and other miscellaneous structures created by Justin out of used materials.  

More information about Justin Fong Cruz can be found on his website.






Are you an artist who would like to exhibit with the Orange County Library System?  Contact us at comrel@ocls.info for more information on how to have your work displayed.

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