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Florida Cabin Fever Quilt Guild

On display through January 2017

View traditional quilts made by members of the Florida Cabin Fever Quilt Guild. As a charitable and educational organization, the guild brings together experienced and new quilters alike to promote fellowship and love amongst those interested in the art of quilting.

While many think of quilts solely as utilitarian items for the home, quilting as an art form that dates back centuries. From the ornate quilts of older civilizations, to the European silk quilts of the 1700's, these works of art provide a window to the economic, social and historic events of their day.
More information about the Quilter's Guild can be found online at http://floridacabinfever.com/


Alafaya Branch


The Art of Tonyatheassassin
On display through January

"My name is Tonya. I was born and raised in Orlando and Apopka, FL however, Orlando is my hometown. I have been drawing since the age of 5. In 2009, I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts with Graphic Design as my major. Since 2011, painting has been my primary focus while continuing to expand my style using bright colors and urban themes. Although I am not into labels, I consider myself to be a person born with a gift and a purpose to express and share my art with the world. I have a love for art in all forms and I am inspired most by the creation of all things. My goal is to inspire anyone I can reach in whatever form or media possible so that we can change the world and continue to push for positivity."


Winter Garden

Winter Garden Heritage Foundation
Wish You Were Here
On display through January 27, 2017.

This exhibit presents cards picturing all manner of subjects, inscribed with sentiments from the humorous to the sublime.  A colorful selection of postcards collected from local residents  illustrates everyday life as it was live in 20th century West Orange County.  



Are you an artist who would like to exhibit with the Orange County Library System?  Contact us at comrel@ocls.info for more information on how to have your work displayed at your local Library.

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