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Sara Brady

President, Sara Brady Public Relations


book cover book cover book cover
My Favorite Books

Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry

The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck

Right Now I'm Reading

Boom by  Tom Brokaw
I Feel Bad About My Neck by  Nora Ephron
The Greatest Story Ever Sold
 by  Frank Rich

Favorite Authors

John Steinbeck. Every book is different yet consistent in rich, full characterizations and stories that pull you into the pages. In some ways, he provided a stimulating history lesson that makes the reader have a deeper understanding of the period and what was really happening.

Reading is Important

All three of my favorite books are fine examples of powerful storytelling, vivid imagery and strong, strong believable characters. Each one held my interest from beginning to end. I have read each one more than once.

Reading is everything to me. I always have at least two books going at a time and I always have one with me either in my purse, my car or my pocket. Reading provides instant gratification and works my brain and my spirit. There is nothing better than reading a good book and it can be done anywhere there�s enough light.

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