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Representative Scott Randolph

State of Florida


book cover book cover
My Favorite Books

Watership Down by Richard Adams
My favorite childhood book is Watership Down. It is a story of the relationship between different societies and different governments told in a manner children can relate to.

The Trial by Franz Kafka
My favorite book from college was Kafka's The Trial, a story to me about what happens when there is no accountability in government.

Perfectly Legal by David Johnston
My favorite book in recent years is Perfectly Legal, a book about how the tax code is manipulated by the top one tenth of one percent to push the taxes on the middle class.

I Recommend These Books:
Basket Case
The Mysterious Island

Right Now I'm Reading

Microtrends by  Mark J. Penn with E. Kinney
Microtrends, a book discussing the changing trends in American society.

Favorite Authors

Carl Hiaasen, his books about Florida are so outrageous and funny. Jules Vern, even though his books were written more than a century ago, his stories about submarines, marooned hot air balloonists and journeys to the center of the earth are still so much fun to read.

Reading is Important

The enjoyment of reading is one of the most important things we can teach our children. We should not only teach our children to read fiction books for enjoyment, but also non-fiction books about history, philosophy and society.

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