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Homework Help Subjects

People & Biographies

Biography DVDs

Watch these educational videos about people throughout history to find information about presidents, scientists, explorers and more.

Biography in Context

Lists of famous artists, politicians, royalty, scientists and more are all available through this valuable resource. Find the information you need by limiting your search to specific years, nationalities, or occupations.

Kids Infobits K-5

This database, developed for beginning researchers in Kindergarten through Grade 5, features a section all about people. You can learn about Artists, Scientists, Athletes, Historical Figures and more!

New Biographies to Read

Browse the newest biographies that you can check out from the library! From Directors to Baseball Players and everyone in between, find out more about famous people throughout history.

World Book Kids

Our online encyclopedia has loads of information about all kinds of people for homework, research, and general curiosity.

Learn About the Presidents

A subject guide to the presidents of the United States from the Internet Public Library, listing numerous resources for individual presidents. Browse every president, from our first George Washington, to our forty-fourth, Barack Obama.

Women Who Changed History

Discover women who have changed history through this website by Scholastic. Learn the incredibly stories of Amelia Earhart, Rosa Parks, Sally Ride and more!

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