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Feed your e-reader with e-books from the Library!

E-books provided by:

Axis 360 ePULP Freading OverDrive

What do I need?

Adobe Digital Editions

Download this free software to read e-books on your computer or to transfer e-books to your supported e-reader.

An E-reader

Library e-books are compatible with devices that support the ePub, PDF, and Kindle formats.

A Tablet or Smartphone

You can read library e-books on your tablet or smartphone through the apps listed below.

See it in Action

Watch a brief video about using OverDrive and our short but informative Freading tutorial.

Get the apps!

These apps allow you to read e-books from the Library on your tablet or smartphone.

Axis360 - All versions

Freading - iPhone, iPod, or iPad | Android

OverDrive - iPhone, iPod, or iPad | Android

Explore our entire collection of Downloadable Music, Audiobooks, Videos, and E-books

Downloadable Media Device Compatibility

E-book FAQ

How do I return an e-book?

When the checkout period for an e-book expires, the book is automatically returned to the Library collection. You may have to manually delete the book from your computer, e-reader, or mobile device.

Can I return an e-book early?

Some e-books can be returned early.

In Adobe Digital Editions, you’ll have the option to "Return Borrowed Item" when you right-click on the title while in Shelf View.

To return Blio books from Axis 360 early, launch the Blio app, sign in, and hard press (hold your finger) on the title you wish to return. Select "OK" to return the book (iOS) or select "Return" from the menu (Android). If you accidentally open the book, close it and try again.

In the OverDrive app, you may have the option to return an e-book early and can tap "Return Item."

For your Kindle, you can return a public library book from the Manage Your Kindle page in Amazon.

  1. From your Amazon account, go to 'Manage Your Kindle.'
  2. Move your mouse over the 'Actions...' button next to the public library book you want to return.
  3. Select 'Return this book.'
  4. When prompted "Are you sure you want to return this Library Loan Ebook?" select 'Yes.' The title is returned.

Please note, the OverDrive Kindle Book will remain on your Kindle until you next sync your Kindle with your Amazon account. The OverDrive Kindle Book will remain in your list of titles in 'Manage Your Kindle' unless you select the 'Actions...' option to Delete the title.

Watch a video to learn more about returning e-books early!

Where is the title I put on hold?

If you're trying to find a missing title that you've placed on hold, there are a few reasons why you might not be able to find it.

Four reasons you might not find your hold:

  • The same library card must be used to place and retrieve holds. For example, if you place a title on hold using a family member's library card, and then log in with your own card to retrieve that hold, the title will not appear.
  • You may not have retrieved the title during the hold period set by the library or consortium. Remember, titles are held for a limited time before they are returned to the collection. The email notice you receive lets you know how long the title will be held.
  • You may have added the title to your cart, but not completed the checkout within the allotted time period. Titles remain in your cart for a limited time before they are returned to the collection.
  • You may have finished checking out. An easy way to check this is to take a look at your checked out items in your digital library account section.

Tips on retrieving your hold:

  • Be sure to place a hold and retrieve your hold with the same library card.
  • Be sure to retrieve your hold as soon as you receive the hold notification email.
  • Be sure to proceed to checkout immediately after you add the title to your cart.

If you are having a problem retrieving your hold from Axis 360:

Try using the following link to log in, instead of the link included in the hold notification email: www.ocls.info/axis360

  1. Click "Login" and sign with your library card information.
  2. Click "My Lists."
  3. Click "Hold Queue."

If you don't see your hold listed, please contact us through the Digital Help Desk form for further assistance.

How to check out a title on hold that has become available.

When a title you've had on hold at your library is ready for you to check out, you will get a notification email. That email should contain a link that allows you to go directly to your account on your library's website.

Regardless of how you get there, checking out a held title that is now available to you is easy; just follow the steps below.

  1. Go to your library website, then log into the Account section.
  2. Click Holds to display a list of your held titles.
  3. Titles available for checkout will have an Add to Cart link that you can click to go through the checkout process.

Once you add a title to your cart, it only stays there for a limited amount of time (90 minutes) as noted by your library's website. Once the time is up, the title will go to the next person in the holds queue or back into the library collection.

To avoid missing out on your hold, make sure you complete the checkout within the allotted time.

Note: If you already have the maximum amount of titles checked out from your library, you will be unable to check anything out until you return something or a lending period expires.

For further assistance, visit ePULP Help, Freading, OverDrive Help, or select Help in the Axis 360 site.

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