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Meeting Notes for 2006


November 28, 2006

I. Summer Reading Program
We are going with the theme “Take it to the Next Level,” which will be designed around gaming, technology, movies, and action.

We need to choose one program to work on as your summer project. We need to come up with a name for this program.

We also need to come up with more suggestions for programs to do over the summer.  Teens suggestions included:

  • Medievil Program
  • Final Fantasy Program
  • "LOST" program
  • Phobia Mania
  • Naruto comic fill-in
  • Machinima
  • Sculpture program (of video game characters)
  • Teen Open Forum

The program the teens chose to work on was the Teen Open Forum.  Suggested titles for this program were:

  • Talk
  • Question the World
  • Say Something
  • What do you Think?
  • Think Now or Forever Hold Your Peace
  • Speak Out

A final decision on the title will be made at the next meeting.

II. SRP-Teen’s Night Out
-We need to come up with a theme and a name for this year’s Teen’s Night Out party.

Possible themes were Japanese themed, Time Warp theme, Celebrity theme, and Music theme.  Time Warp and Music were the favorites, with suggested titles being: Just Like Music, Back in Time, Time Warp, Music Thru the Ages, Music from the Past Present and Future, Music Now and Forever, and Stones, Bones & Headphones.  This issue will be further discussed at the January meeting.


October 24, 2006

I. Summer Reading Program Theme
The possible theme for children’s SRP for 2007 is Superheroes. We are looking for some type of theme for teens that would somewhat go along with that theme.

Something else that has been suggested is a gaming theme. Possible titles are Take it to the Next Level and Break Out of The Box.
-Teens liked Take it to the Next Level

Other Suggestions included:
One Last Level; Level Up; One More Level; Summer Gaming; Get Your Game On; Extreme Gaming!!; Play it Right; Play it to the Extreme; Be in the Game; also suggested-partner with YMCA?

Program suggestions?
-DDR, gaming tournaments; arcade games; Eye Toy; Monopoly tournament; basketball arcade; video game character costume contest; contest-create video game storyboard; contest-create board game; guest presenter-Orlando Magic or Orlando Predators; Guitar Hero-PS2; draw favorite video game character contest; display books that have video games; cell phone games; logic puzzle tournament; Big Brain Academy; using the controller program

What do you want the logo to look like?
-game control w/ words “Just Push Play”; phrase circled in lights; TV in a dark room with grim reaper crawling out of TV to grab controller (who’s controlling who?); book that looks like video game console; person playing games with stuff from game behind him.


September 26, 2006

I. Teen Read Week-SuperSize Me Program
-Went over obstacle course that we made up last month.
-We need to come up with how to present the gross food facts section.
Decided to do Would You Rather for this
-Do we want to have any food? If so, what kind?
-yogurt, granola, 100% juice, water, apples, grapes

II. Summer Reading Program Theme
The possible theme for children’s SRP for 2007 is Superheroes. We are looking for some type of theme for teens that would somewhat go along with that theme.
-Suggested Titles: Reading for Justice; Super Summer Blast; Super Sonic Summer, Slam Your Face in a Book, Teenage Mutant Librarians
-Program suggestions: pop-culture trivia-cartoons/comics; movie days-superhero movies; create your own superhero contest; superhero costume contest
-Flyer-superheroes-marvel, DC, Dark Horse, graphic feel; flyer outside modern, inside vintage: POW! BAM! BOOM!


August 22, 2006


•  Super Size Me Program ( Featuring):

•  Games

•  Obstacle Course ( Hula Hoops, Jump ropes, push-ups ,ect.)


Categorizes of Activities for the Program:

1.    Icebreaker

2.    Trivia Section

3.    Obstacle Course (time the game)


* For each question they get wrong, for trivia, they have to wear weights, or they have to start late (time is deducted from their game time.)


Icebreaker: Do a verb mad lib where everyone has to act out what they say.


Obstacle Course:

•  Hula Hoop (5 or 3 hoops)

•  Jump Rope (10 times)

•  Crab Walk

•  Mini-bean bag Basket Ball toss

•  (5) push-ups & (5) sit-ups

•  Slither Crawling

•  Crawl around cones on knees

•  Yoga Break!

•  Spin Ten Times

•  (10) Jumping Jacks



July 25, 2006

Teen Read Week

-The teens reviewed the logo for Teen Read Week, which can be viewed on the ALA website.  They decided they did not like it, and wanted to change it.  Possible changes were having a book with active stuff coming out; having a notebook with a hand drawing active stuff; showing someone walking through a door with a library card, with all of the active stuff behind them; and having someone actively doing a sport.

-Teen Voices will be working on the Photo Contest.  The group came up with rules and guidelines for the contest, and also gave several suggestions for names for the photo contest:

  • Snap Active
  • Snap Back
  • Get At It
  • Just Shoot It
  • Focus Yourself
  • Picture That
  • Check It Out
  • Take It Outside
  • LOOK
  • Click: Take a Pic

-The other program that Teen Voices will be working on for Teen Read Week is a Supersize Me program.  We discussed possible activities for this program, and suggested titles for this program.

  • Downsize Me
  • Secrets of Getting Fit
  • What's Really in Your Food?
  • Animals, Plastic & Grease: What's Really in Your Food?

Music for Teens Night Out

-Teens suggested music for the I Love the Eighties: Teens Night Out that will be July 29 from 7-11 p.m.

New Club/Changes to Teen Book Club

-Don't forget about our new Teen ? Club that will be replacing Teen Book Club.  The first meeting will be August 3 at 7 p.m., and the teens there will decide what type of club they want to have.


June 27, 2006

Teen Read Week

-Teen Read Week is coming up soon.  It will be October 15th-21st, 2006.  The theme for this year's Teen Read Week is "Get Active."  We discussed possible programs to do during the month of October for Teen Read Week.  Suggestions included:

  • Sports Fanatic Program
  • Pizza & Sports
  • DDR
  • Step
  • Iron Chef/Fear Factor
  • Comics
  • Wilderness Survival
  • Comics/Drawing Program

Contest suggestions included Create a Sport and a Photography Contest.

Animanga Reality Contest

-We also discussed the Animanga Reality Contest.  Possible suggestions included drawing a manga character in action, or creating a brief comic strip of an action scene.

Changes to Teen Book Club

-We also discussed possible changes to Teen Book Club, which may be changing within the next few months.  Possible changes are Teen Drama Club, or anything else.  The meeting to discuss this change is Thursday August 3rd at 7 p.m.


February 28, 2006


I. Finish Discussing Teen Summer Programs
-Finish going through the list of teen summer programs to see what they think of the different ideas.

II. Teen Summer Reading Program

-For the summer reading program, the teens get to plan one program. Last year, the teens planned the Toga Party, which was the opening event for the SRP. This year do the teens want to plan a Mystery Night? This will be a big commitment from them.
-Discuss script/concept of previous Mystery Night.
-If they don’t want to do mystery night, they need to choose another program to work on for SRP from the list.

III. FanFic Contest

Explain that we are going to do a FanFic Contest for teens this summer. Explain what it is, and tell them they need to come up with the rules. Show rules from other contests, and have them come up with a list of rules.

IV. Middle School Reading List
-Vote on which idea they want to use: newspaper vs. website. If website, have them come up with titles for the categories.

V. Next Meeting:
March 28th, 7:00pm
- Make sure no one has any unresolved issues or comments or things they would like to cover for our next meeting.


January 24, 2006

        EXTRA EXTRA!

We began with  more creative ideas for the Middle School Reading List. Ideas for the layouts ranged from newspaper type folds to poster board folds. We all agreed on a booklet fold for the reading list.

Also we discussed the following article ideas: 

Comic section




           APRIL FOOL'S DAY

Next, we came up with possible ideas for teen programs in April....

Joke Day

Music Genre

Express Yourself (art, music, drawing)



            Lastly, we were shown the new logo for the summer theme of "Uncover the Secrets." Also discussed were the programs for the summer.

Our next meeting will be on February 28, 7p.m.

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