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teen annual bash


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Congratulations to the Teen of the

Year of 2006........




   hai Teen of the Year


~Most Teen Volunteer Hours ~


teen volunteer

1st Place



2nd Place

Dayna and Ally

alicia teen volunteer

3rd Place




~Teen Academy Awards~


Best Choreography goes to Hector for his performance at the Teen Belly Dancing Program and Teens Night Out. The sun shines down on him.

Best New Teen Library Corp Performance for exemplary volunteer attitude and attendance and showing up to almost every program to help goes to Michelle.

Best Action Star goes to Mary for her display of skills at the Teen Karate Program and for mastering Rex Kwon Do at the Napoleon Dynamite program.

Best Voice Over goes to Douglas who we are happy to know is there should we ever need a voice over actor.

Best Lighting and Stage Production goes to Hai for his efforts at Teen Mystery Night, Many many programs, and every game night ever. He showed exemplery skills in lighting and production in any and all things that required lighting and production.

Best Singing Voices go to Nataly & Gabriella from the Animanga club for their rendition of the Panyo Panyo theme song at this years Anime & Photo Con.

Best Set Designs go to sisters Dayna and Ally for program sets that include Chronicles of Narnia program, Curious George, Eragon, Dr. Seuss and many more programs, well really alot of the programs, well almost more like all of the programs. THANKS Dayna and Ally you make us look like we are in the movie/book/Narnia.

Best Graphic Design goes to Stephanie for her tireless efforts devoted to the artwork you see in Animanga and the cover of the Anime Manga Character Reality Contest and the Teenbot on the Librarys Teen Blog and MySpace.

Best My Space Commentator goes to Mary for constantly ensuring it looks like people comment our MySpace. Thanks Mary and I hope you comment about this award.

Best Actor in a Lead Role goes to Miles for his efforts in the Performing Arts Club and roles in Teen Mystery Night and Teen Talent Show.

Best Comedic Relief goes to Darius because he is the only teen who can get away with making us laugh during volunteer time.

Best International Jet Setter goes to CJ for his trips around the world and the pictures he brings back to us making sure his library card sees the world as much as he as.

Most missed over summer vacation goes to Camille because all we could say over the summer is where is Camille and when is she coming back.

Best family of volunteers goes to Andrea, Esteban, and Hernan for making it a family affair to get involved at the library.

Best show n tell goes to Amanda from the Animanga club for always having pictures and fun things to share with us from all the Cons that come to town.



~The Volunteers~


teen volunteer


teen volunteer


teen volunteer


camille teen volunteer




Hernan,Esteban, Andrea

girl on stage




~The Games~





pow wow

World's Worst.......


Sing Star Rocks!

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Cookie Decor



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