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A.R.T.: Jam On It!

Special Guest: Avalon School of Music

Piano Man

Avalon School of Music Piano Man.   

He played beautiful music.


Avalon School of Music Drums Guy


Is that Lenroy sleeping back there?

Violin player

Concentrating on the violin. Maybe this will be her talent at next years Talent Show.

Guitar Guy

This guy played the guitar and the bass! He knew how to play Iron Man and he knew how to say technical guitar terms in Spanish.

Heather with Bass

Heather plays Slam Bass! Only we took the picture mid-slam.


Whitney plays a pretty tune. She has great bow form. Seriously she does. You don't have to know what great bow form means to know she's got it.


Mehdi needs to lay off the energy drinks. Seriously it is starting to affect his budding rock and roll career.


Noraliz plays the violin. She's not playing it in this picture because the violin is shy. But she's working on it.


We are a mini orchestra

Just call me Maestro or Jackie is fine too...Whatever

Thanks again Avalon School of Music!




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