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Why is the Orange County Library System important to you and the community? Did we make your day? Did we turn your "I donít know" to "Now I know!"? Did we help you get ahead? Make technology seem less mysterious? Feed your brain, your imagination, your sense of community? How long have you been a member of the Library and what is your fondest memory?
Everyone has a story to share. Tell us yours!

I love the OCLS! Currently I use it mainly for genealogy and borrowing CDs.

- Kelly Y.

Imagine my surprise when I moved to the US and went to the downtown library for the first time and I could check out as many books as I wanted. OCLS has been an invaluable resource when it comes to providing new materials in both Spanish and English. Had it not been for OCLS and its extensive collection, I wouldn't have developed a fondness for reading that I have now.

- Sebastian S.

I was amazed at the number of classes they offered, and so many of them were for software programs I wanted to get refreshers in or learn advanced skills in. I even saw some classes in software programs I had always been curious about, but never learned before. I'm so grateful these classes were available to me, and I recommend them to everyone I know.

- Suzette S.

I enjoy visiting the library because it is a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. No matter how silly my question is the library workers make me feel comfortable and important.

- Sandra M.

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