It's a sad fact, but you may know friends and family who are still buying books and driving to stores to get them. Maybe they are paying to rent movies, or paying hard-earned money for technology classes.

Now’s your chance to save them money and change their lives. It’s simple—start a library intervention
and we’ll do the rest!

Start an Intervention

TESTIMONIALS | Those Now with Library Cards

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    Has home delivery service! I can't come in to the library in person often. I've been using this service for years! I'm so thankful for it.

  • This Library is one of the best in the nation for digital and online services!

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    The computer classes have been life changing! I am a full-time student and making straight A's because of the computer skills I learned at the library. And the classes are free!

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    I have saved a small fortune thanks to library and their books, DVDs, and CDs. In these tough times the library is a ray of light!

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