Welcome to the OCLS Alerts service offered by the Orange County Library System.

What It Is

Alerts is an opt-in service that you can sign up for from the OCLS web site. Once signed up, you will receive courtesy notices via SMS text messaging on your mobile device, such as a PDA or cell phone. These courtesy notices are reminders for material you have checked out that is coming due or for classes that you have signed up for at the Library that are coming up. The notices are sent out three days in advance to due dates and class dates.

Only standard text messaging rates apply. Cost is contingent upon your phone plan and wireless service provider. The Library does not charge for this service. If you are under 18 years old you must have the permission of your parent or guardian to use this service.

How It Is Used

You can opt-in to this service through the following link: https://websecure.ocls.info/sms/signup.asp

To opt-in, enter your library card number (P followed by nine numbers), PIN, and mobile phone number (without any dashes or spaces). Then click on the Go! button. This will log you into your account for this service.

Once you are logged in, you will be presented with options for the service. You can:

  • Receive notices three days in advance of materials being due. There are two available formats:
    • Separate notices for each individual item. This format includes the titles of each item that is coming due.
    • A single digest notice indicating only the number of items due in three days. This format does not include the titles of the items.
  • To be reminded of classes that you have signed up for that will be starting within the next three days.
  • To not be notified via this service. (This is the option to select if you want to opt out of the service).

Once you have made your selections, click on the Go! button to activate the service.

You’re set! Now when you have material due dates or class dates approaching, you will receive a reminder.

Please note that Alerts are not duplicated. Only one message per due date or class will be sent. For example, if you checked out a book you will not continue to receive due date notices for that book once the first message has been sent.

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