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Prepare to be entertained by some of OCLS' best storytellers!

How The Turtle Cracked His Back

Learn how the turtle cracked his back with Orisirisi African Folklore! This story was told during the Summer Reading Program '13 at the Orlando Public Library. (5:45)

The Two Pirate Women

Katie Adams and her friend Redhead tell an audience at the Winter Garden Library all about the real-life adventures of Anne Bonny and Mary Read, who were pirates on Calico Jack Rackham's pirate ship, "Vanity!" (6:52)

Zomo the Rabbit

Ever wonder why rabbits are so clever and wise? OCLS storyteller Bill Cordell will let you know through the amazing adventures of Zomo the Rabbit! (6:06)

El Ratoncito

Storyteller Carrie Sue Ayvar spins a tale of a very clever, very hungry little mouse! (4:36)

The Black Bubblegum

When you go trick-or-treating, make sure you beware of the house at the end of the street! (20:55)

Why Alligator Hates Dog

So why does Alligator hate Dog, anyway? Find out in this retelling of an old Cajun tale! (7:29)

The Biggest Lie

The king is holding a contest to see who can tell the biggest lie of all, and you won't believe who wins! (2:32)

The Greedy Wolf

A very greedy wolf has a plan to eat at two dinner parties in one night! Will his plans work out? Find out in this great story just for kids! (6:34)

The Birthday Wish

When Michelle blows out the candles on her birthday cake, her wishes start to come true! But what will she wish for? (7:37)

The Stinky, Slimy Mud Puddle

Julianne's brand new clothes are no match for the stinky, slimy mud puddle. What is she going to do? Find out in this great kids story from the Orange County Library System! (6:23)

Why Cats and Dogs Aren't Friends

Ever wonder why cats and dogs don't get along? Find out in this fun kids story told by one of OCLS' awesome storytellers! (6:45)

Old Sally Cato

When Old Sally Cato warns you not to do something, it's best to listen to her... as her two grandsons find out the hard way. Enjoy this fun Appalachian folktale, told by one of OCLS' master storytellers! (16:46)

The Blue Jay and the Watering Can

What do you do when faced with a problem? Give up? No way! Find out what the blue jay does when she encounters a challenge in this adapted fable of The Blue Jay and the Watering Can, told by one of OCLS' storytellers! (2:40)

The Caterpillar Story (La Historia de la Oruga)

Author Lily Guzman and illustrator Carlyn D. Langell read their new book, The Caterpillar Story (La Historia de la Oruga), in both English and Spanish. (6:11)

Too Much Noise

Enjoy this folktale, told by Autumn Garick, about a man who can't sleep because there's just too much noise! (7:41)

The Buzzard's Ride

Do you know why buzzards are scavengers? Crystal Sullivan answered this question when she shared the tale of The Buzzard's Ride during the 2006 Storytelling Festival. (8:20)

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

You might think that you know the story of The Itsy Bitsy Spider, but you don't know the whole story. Storyteller Charlie Hoeck explains how it really happened. (12:30)


Cuchulain is the biggest and baddest giant in all of Ireland. He's driven off all of the other giants except for Finn McCool. Now Cuchulain is coming for Finn. Storyteller Charlie Hoeck performs this Irish folk tale. (10:36)

The Hare Dryer

Storyteller Danielle King's friend Kristen had a very interesting experience recently. Hear all about it in this urban legend tale. (7:49)

The Cockroach and the Rat

Enjoy storyteller Charlie Hoeck's folktale of a love story that goes bad between a cockroach and a rat. (6:53)

Wiley and the Hairy Man

Listen to storyteller Charlie Hoeck's folktale of Wiley outsmarting the Hairy Man that lives in the Tombigbee River swamp near Tallahassee, Florida. (18:00)

Urban Legend

Listen to storyteller Danielle King share her tale of a strange experience at the Library. (3:30)

The Sign Language Debate: A Hanukkah Story

Enjoy this Hanukkah tale told by OCLS storyteller Charlie Hoeck. (5:22)

The Night Before Christmas

Watch The Night Before Christmas, as told by storyteller Charlie Hoeck. (3:55)

Why Monkeys Live In Trees

Storyteller Charile Hoeck shares the folktale of how monkeys started to live in trees after a contest to find the new king of the jungle. (6:02)

Why Dogs Chase Cats

Listen to storyteller Charlie Hoeck's tale of a dog, a cat and a ham. You'll learn the real reason dogs are always chasing cats! (5:12)
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