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Cuisine Corner: The Primlani Kitchen

Join Food Writer & Recipe Developer and Sommelier, Rashmi Primlani as she shows you how to spice up your next meal with her favorite Mexican recipes. Tantalize your taste buds as she prepares a meal in under thirty minutes! For more information, please visit www.theprimlanikitchen.com. (2:41)

Cuisine Corner: Date Night

Love was in the air for February's Cuisine Corner event. Farah Davids of The Purple Platter shared recipes that can be easily recreated at home for your next date night. You will be on cloud nine after experiencing these delicious courses for two! (6:14)

Tech Talks: Smartphone Photography

Learn how to get the best pictures out of your smart phone camera. Lisa Wilk of www.TasteCookSip.com will share her best tips for smart phone photography. (35:18)

Cuisine Corner: Healthy Meal Planning

Yamira Lee, author of the cooking blog Breaking Bread with Mira, will discuss healthy meal planning. She will present recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. (3:12)

Fall in Love with Genealogy!

Fall in Love with Genealogy! The West Oaks Branch Library and Genealogy Center Family History Fair celebrated the one year anniversary of our Grand Re-Opening. Beginners and experienced genealogists explored their roots. The Central Florida Genealogical Society, other local lineage & family history societies, & Library staff shared information on how to research & document family history in the 21st century during this day of fun and exploration! For more information, visit www.ocls.info/westoaks. (1:59)

Tiny House Building Process

Join tiny house builder Robin Butler of Tiny House Of Hope as he talks tiny houses, the building process and his non-profit organization. For more information, visit www.SherwoodsTinyHouses.com. (38:00)

Cuisine Corner: Cook Once, Eat Twice

Pull out your slow cookers! Lisa Wilk, of www.TasteCookSip.com will cook up a delicious meal of Slowcooker Stewed Chipotle Beef over Cheesy Grits and show you how to turn that leftover beef into a super quick (and completely different) no-so-leftover meal. (3:29)

Cuisine Corner: Holiday Party Meals

Chef Kevin Marshall of www.apamperedpalate.com will show you how to jazz up your next holiday party with festive meals that’ll be sure to be the talk of the town. (1:20)

Babies, Toddlers and Dogs, Oh-my

Kim Bissing, CPDT-KA, from East Orlando Animal Hospital will present a seminar to help families encourage positive interaction between children and the family dog. You will learn which behaviors to encourage or discourage whether you have a baby, toddler, or older child. Don't wonder how your dog will feel about children, set your pets up for success! (9:29)

Cuisine Corner: Cooking with Chakras

Learn how to combine color in your food to maximize your nutritional and spiritual needs. This workshop is designed to inspire healthy colorful eats. Open up to the joys of feeding and activating your chakra centers or meridian points by keeping your body balanced and in harmony. For more information, www.swaasta.com. (13:40)

Event and Wedding Planner Workshop

Have you dreamed about becoming an event planner? Do you need tips on planning your own wedding? Learn helpful tips from event planner Amiress on how to become a successful event and wedding planner. (3:52)

Healthy Lunches for Kids

Packing your child a lunch is one of the best ways to ensure that he or she is receiving a properly nourishing and filling meal during school hours. Health and Fitness coach Stephanie Lang shares a lesson in packing simple, healthy and balanced lunches. Learn how to save time during those busy mornings and how to avoid the PB & J lunch rut. For more information, visit awholenewlife.net. (2:05)

Home Cooked Diets for Dogs

Rick's Dog Deli demonstrates how to prepare custom meals for dogs using breed-specific or therapeutic formulations. Formulations may be tailored to meet your dog’s individual needs or to support ailments such as diabetes, obesity, pancreatitis and cancer. Every dog is unique so please consult with your veterinarian regarding proper nutrition. For more information, please visit ricksdogdeli.com. (12:18)

Cuisine Corner: Chicken & Waffles

Melissa Cicero, from Melissa’s Chicken & Waffles, will present how to pair the perfect chicken and waffle combination. Melissa’s Chicken & Waffles serves specialty waffle sandwiches, desserts and more. (5:14)

Cuisine Corner: Vegan on $4 a Day

Think eating a healthy, balanced vegan diet is expensive? Think again. Ellen Jaffe Jones, author of Eat Vegan on $4 a Day, is an accomplished nationally-ranked athlete and personal trainer. Jones will show you how to prepare budget-friendly vegan dishes. (2:58)

Home Safety for Seniors

Tim Hetz, certified personal trainer with Healthy Agers, shares tips on home safety for seniors and caregivers. For more senior wellness programs, please visit ocls.info/nextchapter. (2:02)

How To Build A Tiny House

Do-it-yourself builder Shorty Robbins will share information on tiny houses. Take a tour of an actual tiny house to see if you too could live a tiny life. (41:48)

Downsizing Tips & Tricks

Pat Dunham, member of the American Tiny House Association, gives you the scoop on tiny house living. Dunham will share tips on downsizing for a transition into a tiny house. (5:28)

Cuisine Corner: Vela Sauce

Vilma Vela, co-founder of Vela Sauce, will present the benefits of including beans in your meals. Learn how to prepare different beans so you can make healthy dishes at home. (5:17)

Ancient Maya Civilization

Join us for the Ancient Maya Civilization program series continuing on August 11, 18 and 25 at 6:30 p.m. at the Orlando Public Library. Mayanist Richard Corwin will discuss the Mayan calendars, astrology, sacrificial rites, architecture, hieroglyphs, war fare, gods, and Spain’s conquest. The Maya Classic Period (between 250 and 900 A.D.) gave rise to a remarkable civilization of architects, artists, engineers, and astrologers. (:49)


LibCon 2015 was a book festival held at the Orlando Public Library on June 27th featuring 27 authors of all genres. Rick Yancey, New York Times bestselling author of The 5th Wave trilogy, delivered the keynote address. (1:38)

Cuisine Corner: Pack a Punch with a Super Salad

Escape your ordinary salad with an extraordinary recipe for Fireman Brad Jones’ kale salad! Learn about the nutritional benefits of eating foods like a super salad and try tasty samples. Jones is currently a fireman with the Orlando Fire Department and is also a member of the Edible Education Experience where he teaches families about healthy eating habits and making your own vegetable garden. (4:05)

Unity 5 Roadshow

At the Unity 5 Roadshow, sponsored by Microsoft, attendees learned about the newest features of the Unity game development platform and how to create a simple game or publish an existing game to the Microsoft Windows Store. (1:44)

Tech Talks: Photographers Panel

Want to take your photographs to the next level? Join us for the Melrose Center’s photographers panel. Gain insider knowledge from professional photographers. Learn essential “how-to’s” and take your photography to the leading edge. The photographers will be available after the discussion to review small photography portfolios and give one-on-one advice. This panel featured information about photography tips, photography lighting and photography jobs. All of our photography events are open to the public to know when the next event will be visit www.ocls.info/melrose. (1:18:31)

Cuisine Corner: Vietnamese Eggrolls

Dive into Vietnamese cuisine with a fun and delicious eggroll making demonstration straight from Ha Roda’s cookbook, A Vietnamese Kitchen: Treasured Family Recipes. (3:29)

Human Origins: Forensic Osteology

Learn how experts evaluate bones to determine how a particular human has died. All skulls in this exercise are replicas of actual case study. Presented by Skeletons: Animals Unveiled, a skeleton museum. (2:03)

Tech Talks: Food Photography Tips and Tricks

Are you interested in starting a food blog, taking pictures of food for magazines, or simply making your Instagram lunchtime snaps drool-worthy? Details like composition, lighting, and styling apply regardless of whether you're using a digital single lens reflex camera (DSLR), a simple point-and-shoot, or an iPhone. Learn tips and tricks to gain an understanding of what it takes to compose an enticing culinary image. If you are interested in photography, video or audio please visit our website for more information about our classes and services. www.ocls.info/melrose (1:03:42)

Cuisine Corner: Paleo Cooking

Crystal Wells, Holistic Wellness Practitioner, will discuss Paleo cuisine. Learn more about Paleo and how you can create this cuisine at home. (3:25)

Human Origins: An Afternoon of Science

Paleoanthropologist Dr. Rick Potts of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History Human Origins Program discusses the latest research in human evolution and the traveling exhibition, Exploring Human Origins: What Does It Mean to Be Human? Which will be featured on the fourth floor of the Orlando Public Library May 9 through June 5. (1:03:05)

Cuisine Corner: Healing with Spices-Savory

Take an alternative approach to your health and learn about the healing qualities of the spices of Asia. Shahnaz Nensey, Certified Holistic Health Coach will guide you through a cultural culinary journey of holistic wellness along with a demonstration of creative and easy recipes. Incorporate spices in your day to day living to enhance the taste and quality of your food and help support your body’s ability to heal itself. (6:00)

Cuisine Corner: Healing with Spices-Sweet

Take an alternative approach to your health and learn about the healing qualities of the spices of Asia. Shahnaz Nensey, Certified Holistic Health Coach will guide you through a cultural culinary journey of holistic wellness along with a demonstration of creative and easy recipes. Incorporate spices in your day to day living to enhance the taste and quality of your food and help support your body’s ability to heal itself. (4:00)

Human Origins Traveling Exhibit

The Orlando Public Library is one of 19 library locations across the country selected to host the traveling Smithsonian exhibit, Exploring Human Origins: What Does It Mean to Be Human? Visit the Orlando Public Library to view the exhibit and attend one of the many programs focused on fostering discussion and celebrating diverse views. This project was made possible through the support of a grant from the John Templeton Foundation and support from the Peter Buck Human Origins Fund and the American Library Association. (1:09)

Cuisine Corner: Pan-Seared Tuna with Chef Warren Caterson

Join Chef Warren Caterson at OCLS's Cuisine Corner to learn how to make a simple and delicious pan-seared tuna dinner for two! (7:59)

Cuisine Corner: Fit Spoon Pumpkins & Squashes

Learn about the health benefits of tasty, sweet pumpkins and squashes, and learn how Dr. Cesar Irizarry, DO, used them in a diet to help him lose weight and regain his health. (6:22)

Cuisine Corner -- Dreamers Delectable Delights -- Hummingbird Cake

Sharon Anderson from Dreamers Delectable Delights stops by OCLS's Cuisine Corner to show audiences how to make delicious hummingbird cupcakes! Hummingbird cupcakes are easy enough to make with children and please audiences of all ages, says Anderson. (3:01)

What The Dickens Are You Wearing?

The Central Florida Costumers Guild presents "What The Dickens Are You Wearing," a retrospective of fashion across Dickens' lifetime. See what Victorian women wore and thought was fashionable. (6:29)

Cuisine Corner: Plantains & Tostones with Mira

Learn all about plantains and how to make tostones with Yamira Lee, author of the cooking blog Breaking Bread With Mira (www.bbwmira.com). Enjoy more OCLS Cuisine Corner videos at http://www.ocls.info/cuisinecorner. (6:41)

Fed Up: The High Cost of Cheap Food

Author Dale Finley Slongwhite reads from her book, "Fed Up: The High Cost of Cheap Food," chronicling the lives of African-American farmworkers on and around Lake Apopka, and the effects that pollution of the lake had on that population. (6:29)

Tech Talks: How To Build A Sumo Robot

Learn how to create a basic robot destined to compete in the sumo robotics ring! Learn about motors, transmitters, wheels and more as Kevin Hines from the Central Florida Robotics & Makers Club demonstrates an easy, cheap basic sumo robot build. (10:22)

How To Brand Your Business

Learn some business-branding tips from Thomas and Jessica, founders of Central Florida's Creativity InMotion, Inc., design firm. (3:43)

Disney & Dickens

Visiting Rollins College assistant professor Patrick C. Fleming talks to an audience about the similarities between Walt Disney and Charles Dickens in this fascinating talk held as part of What The Dickens?, a yearlong celebration in the author's life. Find out how Dickens and other Victorian writers affected and influenced Walt Disney. (8:30)

Air Travel Myths & Tips -- Travel Hacking

Flightfishing.com founder George Haskell stops by the Melrose Center to talk about how online air travel booking really works & how to find the best deals on air travel & airfare. (3:48)

Special Effects Film Makeup Prosthetics

Learn how prosthetics are made and applied in film, television, and more in this enlightening presentation by Barry Anderson of the Ghoul School FX Workshop! (3:59)

Science Cafe: All About Mars

Derek Demeter, director of the Seminole State College Planetarium, talks to a Science Cafe audience about the incredible (and incredibly large) canyons and mountains of Earth's nearest neighbor planet, Mars. (8:48)

Science Fiction & Neuroscience

Is mind control possible? Join neuroscientist Dr. Kendall F. Morris, as he discusses Science Fiction versus science fact. He'll compare neurotechnology in popular television shows and movies to what might actually be possible in our lifetime. Dr. Morris is a Professor of Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology at the University of South Florida. #ASR14 (11:33)

How To Be Happy: Creative Mornings

Ben Hoyer, director of Orlando's Downtown CREDO Coffee, speaks at a recent Creative Mornings lecture held at the Orlando Public Library's Dorothy Lumley Melrose Center for Technology, Innovation and Creativity. (9:01)

Tech Talk: Which Type of Digital Camera Is Best?

Full Sail University instructor Andrew Garraway arrives at the Orlando Public Library's Melrose Center to speak about which type of digital camera is best, shooting automatic vs. manual, and other photography basics. (3:49)

Science Cafe: Robotics

Science Cafe helps Orlando kids learn about robotics by featuring Florida Robotics' Tagi, a robot that loves skateboarding. (1:30)

Cuisine Corner: The Yum Yum Cupcake Truck

Learn how to make and frost delicious buttercream hamburger cupcakes with Alex Marin and Joey Conicella of Orlando's Yum Yum Cupcake Truck. (1:43)

Cuisine Corner: Diet Diva's Flat Belly Tips

Join dietitians Tara Gidus and Kristina LaRue, authors of the Flat Belly Cookbook For Dummies, to cook island turkey burgers and learn some important tips for healthy eating and losing weight. (3:46)

Cuisine Corner: Spring Rolls with Lettuce Wraps

Vietnamese cook Ha Roda returns to the Orange County Library System to teach a hungry audience how to make spring rolls with lettuce wraps instead of rice paper, and to introduce Asian herbs available in stores local to the city of Orlando. (1:36)

Tech Talks: Hack Your Wedding Dress

See how electrical engineer Brooks Zurn redefined "wearable" technology by sewing fiberoptic cloth and LED lights into dresses -- including her very own wedding dress! (7:48)

Canine Companions for Independence visits OCLS!

Puppy raisers and their puppies from the Canine Companions for Independence recently visited OCLS. While at the library, they learned about going in and out of sliding doors, walking through stacks, and how to greet strange humans! (1:01)

2014 Orange County Simulation Summit

Join educators in the Orange County Public Schools and staff members of the Orange County Library System's Melrose Center to learn about the exciting future of simulation in Orlando and how this technological field will influence the military, homeland security, entertainment and the medical field in the years to come. (5:51)

Tech Talks: Google Glass

Josh Murdock of professorjosh.com talks about his experiences wearing Google Glass, and how the smart glasses can boost accessibility for the disabled and how they will interface with the growing field of augmented reality. (7:34)

Tech Talks: Wearable Health & Fitness Technology

Josh Murdock of professorjosh.com talks about some of 2014's newest wearable technology, like fitness bands and the possibilities of smart fabric. (6:30)

2014 Teen Fashion Show & Swap

Get some fashion advice from thrifting experts Alicia Riggins & Dana Rockwell at the 2014 Teen Fashion Show & Swap at OCLS! (3:11)

OCLS Adult Summer Reading 2014

Join us at the 2014 OCLS Summer Reading program. "Literary Elements!" There's something for everyone -- science, rock gardens, constellations, archaeology, hurricane preparation, and, of course, wonderful reads! (:41)

Tech Talks: Astronomy, Galaxies & The Hubble Deep Field

Join astronomer Tony Urzi of the Central Florida Astronomical Society in learning about light-years and galaxies at a recent Tech Talk at the Melrose Center! (4:46)

What is Nanoscience?

Learn about nanoscience and nanotechnology with Dr. Amit Kumar of the University of Central Florida. Learn what a nano-scale object really is and where you can find nanotechnology in everyday products. (4:13)

"A Christmas Carol" read by Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens visits the Orange County Library System during his recent American book tour to read the first chapter from his classic story, "A Christmas Carol." This show was presented as part of the library's yearlong celebration of Charles Dickens, "What The Dickens?" (5:53)

"Oliver Twist" read by Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens visits the Orange County Library System during his recent American book tour to read the first chapter from his classic story, "Oliver Twist." This show was presented as part of the library's yearlong celebration of Charles Dickens, "What The Dickens?" (4:49)

Gaming Meetup: Indienomicon

OCLS plays host to some of the best technology meetups in Orlando! Attend the Indienomicon gaming meetup at OCLS's new Melrose Center for Technology, Innovation and Creativity and learn about Orlando's thriving indie gaming scene! Play new games on the big screen and connect with other gamers and game developers. (1:12)

Happy National Library Week from OCLS!

Patrons at the Alafaya Branch of the Orange County Library System show why they love their library for the 2014 National Library Week celebrations! (1:10)

Tech Talks: All About RC Planes

Timothy Len from the Remote Control Association of Central Florida visits the Orlando Public Library's Melrose Center to teach audiences about the exciting hobby of flying remote control aircraft. (4:59)

April Holmes, Paralympic Gold Medalist

Paralympic Gold Medalist April Holmes tells her amazing story to an audience at the Orlando Public Library. (11:58)

Women in STEM: What can teens do in high school to prepare for a career?

Find out what it's like to be a woman working in a STEM field. Join our panelists -- engineer Pamela DiMarzio, meterologist Arlena Moses, environmental scientist Migdalia Hernandez, software developer Katherine Watwood and digital media developer Marcella Errazquez as they discuss some of the challenges and positive effects of being a woman in a science, technology, engineering or math-related career. Get advice on how to start a STEM career while still in high school! (17:11)

The Challenges of Being a Woman in STEM

Find out what it's like to be a woman working in a STEM field. Join our panelists -- engineer Pamela DiMarzio, meterologist Arlena Moses, environmental scientist Migdalia Hernandez, software developer Katherine Watwood and digital media developer Marcella Errazquez as they discuss some of the challenges and positive effects of being a woman in a science, technology, engineering or math-related career. (9:52)

Twitter and Facebook for Small Businesses

Ashley Cisneros & Shalyn Dever, co-founders of Orlando's Chatter Buzz Media, visit the Orlando Public Library to talk about new developments regarding Twitter and Facebook and how small businesses can lever social media to their advantage. (6:28)

Tech Talks: Exploding Bacon Robotics Team!

FIRST Robotics Team #1902, Orlando's own Exploding Bacon, comes to the Melrose Center to talk about what it takes to build a robot to compete in FIRST Robotics games every year! Meet the team's 2013 robot, "W-Ham-O." (2:15)

Getting Kids To Read The Classics: Oliver Twist

Vivi Barnes, author of "Olivia Twisted," stops by the Orlando Public Library to talk about one way to get kids and teens to read classic literature: by introducing them to retellings and related media. Barnes' novel is a retelling of Charles Dickens' "Oliver Twist." (9:51)

Healthy for the Holidays

Join holistic coach Shahnaz Nensey as she makes delicious breakfast quinoa and discusses some ways to avoid the trap of sweets and other unhealthy foods during the holiday months. (6:02)

Science Cafe: From Frankenfood to Frankenpeople?

Learn about the pros and cons of GMO produce with Dr. Lynn Unruh, professor of Health Services Administration at the University of Central Florida. (7:27)

The Origin of Superheroes

Julian Chambliss, Ph.D., speaks about the history and origins of how the first superheroes came to be -- Western tales, hard-boiled detectives and, eventually, Superman. (15:31)

Holiday Plants: Dangerous For Your Pets?

We all love decorating with holiday flowers and plants such as holly, mistletoe and poinsettias. Find out which plants are toxic for dogs and cats from two Orlando veterinarians from the East Orlando Animal Hospital and what you can do to keep your pets safe during the holiday season. (3:24)

How To Start Your Own Nonprofit

Join De Lisa Bonaparte of nonprofit Patricia's Rock in Orlando, FL, to learn the basic steps towards creating your own nonprofit business or charity. Learn about incorporation, setting up your board of directors, and more. (14:43)

Scott Norman, Pumpkin Carver!

Scott "Stormin'" Norman, the "Picasso of pumpkin carving," visited the Orlando Public Library to show audiences the best way to carve the iconic gourds! Norman was seen on "America's Got Talent." (1:36)

How Foodies Are Changing Orlando

Learn about the new East End Market in Orlando, FL with John Rife, founder and owner. Learn why foodies and food entrepreneurs are changing Orlando from the ground up! (9:32)

Eating Seasonal - Eating Local

Learn about eating seasonally with John Rife, founder and owner of the new East End Market in Orlando, FL. Learn why being a locavore in Orlando is tastier -- and healthier! (5:00)

The Art of Florida Storytelling

What makes a classic Florida story? Find out with Susan Hubbard, professor of English at the University of Central Florida, as she discusses authors like Elmore Leonard and Carl Hiaasen. (8:39)

Susan Hubbard: The Society of S

Susan Hubbard, professor of English at the University of Central Florida, reads from her novel "The Society of S" and discusses her (pre-Twilight!) journey towards publishing a coming-of-age vampire story. (11:26)

Laughter Yoga in the Library

Laughter Yoga comes to the Orange County Library System! Pat Conklin, "principal positivitist" of Laughter Yoga Orlando, holds a laughter yoga session for patrons of the South Trail Branch. (2:45)

Turn Your Hobby Into A Business

Want to do what you love? Learn how Virginia Hartley did it! Hartley, the owner of Ginger's Jams, Jellies and Such in Central Florida, started a successful and delicious business and currently sells her wares at farmer's markets and festivals across the Southeast. Held at the Orlando Public Library. (7:24)

Science Cafe: The Search for Extraterrestrial Life

Are there aliens out there? Get the answers from Derek Demeter, director of the Emil Buehler Planetarium at Seminole State College. Have we already heard signals from space? What is SETI? What are our chances of running into another civilization? Presented in partnership with Science Cafe and the Orange County Library System. (10:46)

Summer Reading Fun, All Year Long!

Summer reading doesn't have to end with the season! The Orange County Library System will offer a variety of programs for adults, teens, children and families this fall. (0:36)

Peat Pot Planting & Book Tasting

Summer reading isn't just for kids! Adult summer readers at OCLS joined in the fun by learning how to start marigold seedlings for their home gardens and stopped by a book tasting where they compared different foods with their matching books. (1:04)

Ricky Ly: Culture Through Food

Orlando food blogger Ricky Ly, author of the TastyChomps.com blog and the book "A Food Lover's Guide To Orlando," speaks about the many different dishes and tastes of Asia in honor of the 2013 Big Read, which featured Amy Tan's "The Joy Luck Club." Learn about delicious cuisines from China, Thailand, Japan, India and more! The audience at the Orlando Public Library also sampled dishes from local restaurants Bento and Hawkers. (9:01)

How To Start A Food Truck: 2013

Mark Baratelli from thedailycity.com teams up with the Orange County Library System to present an inside look at what it takes to start and succeed as the owner of one of Orlando's fantastic local food trucks! Featuring the Yum Yum Cupcake Truck, Charlie's Bakery, 5ive Gastronomy, the SwedeDish Food Truck, and more! (1:28:20)

The African Presence in Spanish Florida

Dr. Rosalyn Howard, associate professor of anthropology at the University of Central Florida, traces the journey to freedom of a group of nineteenth-century former slaves from their home in the black Seminole town of Angola to a haven in Red Bays, Bahamas, where their ancestors still live. (11:36)

An Evening with Mary Jane Clark

Mystery maven Mary Jane Clark speaks to a crowd at the Orlando Public Library about her original inspiration for her Key News murder-mystery series as well as the experiences that informed her latest work, the Sarasota-set Piper Donovan novel "Footprints in the Sand." (9:20)

Carrie Sue Ayvar: Cowboys, Pirates & The Five Flags of Florida

Florida storyteller Carrie Sue Ayvar tells some true and entertaining Florida stories, covering Ponce de Leon, crackers and cowboys, the pirate Gasparilla and the Five Flags of Florida. (12:35)

Flamenco Puro Dance Company

Feel the rhythms of the flamenco and Spanish folk dances that came over from from Spain with Christopher Columbus and Ponce de Leon. Presented by the Orange County Library System; featuring the Flamenco Puro Dance Company. (2:19)

Chinese Lion Dance & Kung Fu Demonstration

Sifu Charles Rivera and his students from Hung Fut Hung Man Fei Martial Arts Dragon and Lion Dance Association perform the traditional Southern Chinese Lion Dance and demonstrate their kung fu skills at the Orlando Public Library in celebration of this year's Big Read, "The Joy Luck Club" by Amy Tan. (3:37)

2013 Adult Summer Reading

We'd love to see you at the 2013 Adult Summer Reading Program, "Groundbreaking Reads," at the Orange County Library System! Check out http://www.ocls.info/asr for a schedule and more information! (:49)

Cuatro Gatos Spanish Book Club: 6th Anniversary Celebration

Members of the South Creek Branch Library's Cuatro Gatos tertulia, or book club, celebrated their 6th anniversary at the Orlando Public Library with song, dance, poetry readings and awards. They also celebrated the culture and crafts of Ecuador. (2:17)

Becoming an American Citizen at the Orlando Public Library

50 immigrants from countries around the world become American citizens at a naturalization ceremony held at the Orlando Public Library on April 16, 2013. Library director Mary Anne Hodel served as the keynote speaker. (4:30)

Confectionary Workshop @ OCLS

The Orlando Confectionary Artists Guild recently visited the Herndon Branch Library to showcase easy and fun ways of making cake pops, fondant animals and cute cupcake toppers! (3:14)

OCLS Teen Summer Reading Program and TechKrew: 2013

Join the TechKrew and go Under The Surface at the awesome 2013 teen summer reading program at the Orange County Public Library! (1:17)

Pages to Petals

A small group of crafters at the Winter Garden library turn the pages from old books into beautiful paper flowers. (1:53)

Jason Surrell: The Art of The Avengers

Jason Surrell, author of "The Art of The Avengers," visited the Orlando Public Library on January 5, 2013 to talk about his experiences on set during the filming of 2012's most popular superhero movie. Surrell also signed copies of his book for the audience. (9:11)

Ha Roda on Vietnamese Cooking

Vietnamese cook and cookbook author Ha Roda, known as "The Pho Queen," talks about her young life in Vietnam, what it was like to escape the country on a fishing boat, and the childhood meals that continue to inspire her today. (4:46)

Ponce de Leon visits the Orlando Public Library

When 16th-century Spanish conquistador Juan Ponce de Leon decided to continue his search for the Fountain of Youth in modern Florida, he knew the best place to start was the Orlando Public Library! Presented as part of Viva Florida 500.

Orange County Library System: http://www.ocls.info/vivaflorida500
Florida Department of State: http://www.vivaflorida.org (2:46)

From Animal House To Our House

Just over a decade ago, Loyola University professor and author Ron Tanner, who had never done anything like this before, bought a trashed fraternity house in Baltimore and started a years-long process of rehabbing it to its former glory. His rehab adventures are chronicled in his new book, From Animal House to Our House. Here, he tells an audience at the Orlando Public Library a story from the most stressful period of the renovation process. (9:37)

Living Younger: Food and Nutrition

Dr. Eudene Harry, author of How to Live Younger in 10 Simple Steps: a Practical Guide to Slowing Down the Aging Process from the Inside Out, begins her five-week residency at the Orlando Public Library by speaking about the effect the foods we eat can have on our overall health and how our bodies age. Dr. Harry will discuss topics such as weight loss and alternative therapies every Tuesday night until February 20, 2013. (4:10)

Getting Along With Family

Ailyn Gonzalez, volunteer mediator with the Orange County Court Mediation Department, speaks to teens looking for ways to avoid fights and resolve conflicts with their families. This event was part of October 2012's "College Bound" series of programs for teens and their parents. (15:54)

Chris Kridler: Author and storm chaser

Storm chaser Chris Kridler, author of "Funnel Vision," appears at the Orlando Public Library to talk about what it's really like to chase tornados and supercell storms in Tornado Alley. (9:40)

The Life and Times of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

Actress and re-enactor Karen De Vos takes on the role of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, delving into the life and times of the famed Florida writer, author of "Cross Creek," "The Yearling," and other novels featuring residents of the rural mid-century Sunshine State. (16:45)

Peace Corps: Friends and Family

Peace Corps volunteer and recruiter Jessica Lampron speaks at the Orlando Public Library about what potential volunteers can expect while serving abroad in the Peace Corps. (17:32)

Cupcake Decorating Class with Miss Holly

Hollis Wilder, two-time winner of TV's Cupcake Wars and owner of Orlando cupcake shop Sweet By Holly, stopped by the Alafaya Branch Library on December 8, 2012 for a master decorating class that drew over eighty people and raised funds for the library. (2:06)

How The North Won: Lincoln vs. Davis and Grant vs. Lee

University of Central Florida professor John Sacher recently gave a talk at the Orlando Public Library exploring why the Union won the Civil War over the Confederacy. In this excerpt, Sacher compares the leadership styles that influenced that outcome: President Lincoln vs. Confederate President Jefferson Davis, and northern General Ulysses S. Grant and southern General Robert E. Lee. (9:39)

Interview with Sherri Flynt, co-author of SuperSized Kids

Sherri Flynt, co-author of "SuperSized Kids" and the head of Florida Hospital's Center for Nutritional Excellence, discusses the childhood obesity problem and ways parents can help children make healthier choices about food and nutrition at a program on October 30, 2012 at the Orlando Public Library. (10:24)

New Trends In Social Media

Ryan Schram, chief marketing officer of IZEA.com, stops by the Orlando Public Library to speak about new trends in social media, including Facebook marketing, customer relations on Twitter, Pinterest, social media sponsorship and more. (31:20)

Happy 10th Birthday, Squirt!

Staff and patrons of the Orange County Library System wish Squirt, the system's mascot, a happy 10th birthday! (4:02)

The Life of Anne Morrow Lindbergh: Playwright Virnell Ann Bruce

Virnell Ann Bruce, author of the one-woman play "Shells: A Cameo of Anne Morrow Lindbergh," speaks at the Orlando Public Library about the writer's works, accomplishments and marriage to aviator Charles Lindbergh. (23:43)

What's In Season Right Now? Fall 2012

Kendra Lott, publisher of the magazine Edible Orlando, visits the Orlando Public Library to introduce patrons to Central Florida's varied and differing options for delicious local autumn seafood and produce. (12:45)

Gift Announcement for the Dorothy Lumley Melrose Center for Technology, Innovation & Creativity

Ken Melrose presents the Orange County Library System with a check for $1,000,000 as the library unveils its plans for the Dorothy Lumley Melrose Center for Technology, Innovation & Creativity at the Orlando Public Library. Follow the Center's progress at tic.ocls.info. (16:10)

How to Start a Food Truck

Interested in running your own food truck business, but not sure how to get started? Learn the ins and outs of the world of food trucks in this panel discussion featuring the owners of some of Orlando's best gourmet food trucks. Moderated by Mark Baratelli, creator of The Daily City and The Food Truck Bazaar, and presented by the Orange County Library System. (57:43)

Glen "Big Baby" Davis at the Orlando Public Library

Glen "Big Baby" Davis of the Orlando Magic visits the Orlando Public Library to announce the brand new partnership between the Orange County Library System and the Glen "Big Baby" Davis Foundation, as well as to discuss the importance of libraries and to meet some of his fans! (6:51)

Jeff Ashton at the Orlando Public Library

Former Assistant State Attorney Jeff Ashton, prosecutor for the Casey Anthony trial, answers questions about the trial and his new book, Imperfect Justice, at the Orlando Public Library. (16:06)

The Disney Prize Patrol Visits OCLS

The Disney Prize Patrol from Walt Disney World visits the Orlando Public Library and surprises the Orange County Library System with a Help Kids Shine grant! (2:05)

Mayor Buddy Dyer's Cities of Service: Orlando Cares

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and special guests visit the Orlando Public Library to kick off Mayor Buddy Dyer's Orlando Cares initiative, a city-wide service plan that aims to help youth improve their academic success, increase their literacy skills, plan viable career choices, and much more. (24:28)

Judge Alicia Latimore

Circuit Judge Alicia Latimore of the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court in Orange County, Florida visits the Orlando Public Library to talk about her road to becoming the first African American female on the court and the importance of getting an education. (19:34)

How to Keep Your Kids Off the Bully Radar

Jim West, LMHC, NCC, explains what can lead a child to bully others and how to help children effectively deal with bullies. Part of the March Against Bullying initiative from the Orange County Library System. (13:05)

Star Wars Illustrators Chris Trevas and Chris Reiff

Chris Trevas and Chris Reiff, the master illustrators behind the Star Wars Blueprints book series, among other Star Wars books, toys, and models, visit the Orlando Public Library on August 16, 2010 during Star Wars Celebration V to discuss their artwork, collaborating with Lucasfilm, and their love of all things Star Wars. (14:48)

Dara Torres @ OCLS

Twelve-time Olympic medalist Dara Torres (the only woman ever to swim in the Olympics past the age of 40) visits the Orlando Public Library to talk about her life, her accomplishments, and her new book, "Age Is Just a Number." (10:11)

Counsel for Caregivers: Dr. John Fleming

Dr. John Fleming of Florida Hospital discusses geriatrics, aging problems, and providing effective care for the elderly. Part of the Counsel for Caregivers Seminar Series. (8:50)

Dr. David E. Guggenheim - The Ocean Doctor

Dr. David E. Guggenheim, marine biologist and president of 1planet1ocean, speaks about nutrient pollution, overfishing, and shifting baselines, and gives us a glimpse into what we can do about them now and in the future. (10:45)

Citizenship Inspired

Watch the Citizenship Inspired kick-off event with appearances by James Tyson (OCLS Board of Trustees) and Tico Perez (Más Communications, local businessman, activist, and talk show host), as well as a special message from United States Senator Mel Martinez. (7:59)

Tupperware Unsealed: The Story of Brownie Wise

WESH-TV reporter and author Bob Kealing recounts the story of Brownie Wise, Earl Tupper, and Tupperware as told in his new book, Tupperware Unsealed. (10:16)

Dr. Jan Garavaglia, Medical Examiner

Jan C. Garavaglia, M.D. (a.k.a. Dr. G), chief medical examiner for the District Nine (Orange-Osceola) Medical Examiner's Office in Florida, and star of her own show on the Discovery Health channel, speaks about the job of a medical examiner and opportunities for women in medicine. (7:37)

Val Demings, Orlando Chief of Police

Val Demings, Orlando's first female chief of police, speaks about her career, struggles, and women's history at the Orlando Public Library. (9:42)

Weeki Wachee: City of Mermaids

Take a trip to Weeki Wachee with Dr. Lu Vickers, author of the new book Weeki Wachee: City of Mermaids, and learn about this once-popular Florida roadside attraction. (10:43)

In the Kennedy Kitchen

Neil Connolly, head chef of Doc’s Restaurant in downtown Orlando and former personal chef to the Kennedy family, shares stories from his new book, In the Kennedy Kitchen, at the Orlando Public Library. (9:47)

Buyer Beware with Greg Dawson

The Orlando Sentinel's own consumer advocate Greg Dawson shares stories about his work and tips on how to avoid getting scammed. (16:50)

Take Know For an Answer Kick Off

OCLS kicks off its new public awareness campaign with new billboards, a television commercial, Orange County Mayor Richard T. Crotty, and many more Central Florida celebrities. (15:57)

Women in Early America

Author and Rollins College professor Dorothy Mays discusses what life was like for Puritan women in 17th century Colonial America. (15:25)

How Stem Cell Research Saved My Life

Research scientist and author Bernard Ban Zyl recounts his massive, near-fatal heart attack and the experimental stem cell treatment that saved his life. (12:03)

The Big Read Kick Off

Check out highlights of The Big Read Kick Off as speakers and storytellers celebrate Zora Neale Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God as a classic piece of American literature. (11:33)

Columbia: Final Voyage

Journalist Philip Chien (one of the only reporters to know all of Columbia's astronauts personally) revisits the Columbia space shuttle tragedy and honors those that were lost through personal stories and memories. (14:40)

The Search for Sunken Treasure: The Story of the Mel Fisher Treasure Museum

Joan Kostenbater from the Mel Fisher Treasure Museum speaks about sunken treasure found off the coast of Florida. (5:49)

"Be Well Informed at Your Library" Press Conference

Watch the press conference announcing the launch of the "Be Well Informed at Your Library" program, a partnership between the American Library Association and Walgreens. (5:41)

Central Florida Memory Unveiling

Enjoy highlights of the Central Florida Memory conference at the Orlando Public Library, where library and historical society leaders gathered to discuss the preservation of history and family memories. (33:17)

80 Years at Rosalind and Central

Get an in-depth look at the history of the Orlando Public Library and the Orange County Library System in this documentary produced by Library staff for Staff Day 2003. (9:39)
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