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Opposing Viewpoints in Context

If you are writing a position paper, giving a speech, making a presentation, or just want to get a better grasp of current controversies, Opposing Viewpoints in Context is a great place to start. This dynamic resource provides multiple information sources such as:

Features include:

  • Pro and con viewpoint essays on current issues
  • Overviews of controversial topics
  • Full-text articles from magazines, newspapers, and academic journals
  • More than 300 primary source documents
  • Biographies of people in the news
  • Court-case overviews
  • Reference materials including statistical tables, charts, and graphs
  • Images and a link to Google Image Search
  • Podcasts including NPR segments

The sources in Opposing Viewpoints in Context are full-text. It is searchable by keyword or use the advanced search to filter your results.

Opposing Viewpoints in Context can also help you write your paper. On the Opposing Viewpoints in Context home page click on "Resources" and then "Tools for Getting Started and Wrapping Up." You will find a short but useful guide to help you get all of your information organized and make your point.

This resource is found in the Society and Culture section of the Online Databases. For related library resources, visit the Political LibGuide.

Available with your library card and PIN from all library computers and from your home or office computer. For more information about applying for a library card, visit Get Your Card.

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