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"I just finished the last Sue Grafton book, what do I read next?"

Whether you love mysteries, thrillers, science fiction or classics, this database has information to help you find your next favorite author.

What Do I Read Next? is just what it sounds like, a source for recommendations to read based on what you have read previously. You can search for other titles by your favorite author, or for similar reads to one you have already read.

Here is an example of how this database works. Let's say you love Michael Crichton and want to make sure you have read all of his works. Simply go to the Author or Title and Series search to find a list.

What you get when you look up Michael Crichton is not only a list of his writings but all of the following:

  • Awards he has won
  • A synopsis of his career
  • A chronological list of his fiction, non-fiction and screenplays
  • Works written under other pseudonyms

Now you have finished all of Crichton's works and you wonder again, "What do I read next?" Now you can search in any of the following ways:

  • By book title - Enter the title of a book you liked and get similar recommendations.
  • By genre - Love science fiction? See who is recommended in this genre.
  • By award winners - Want to read all the recipients of the Hugo Award for Science Fiction Writing? Here is a list.
  • Who? What? Where? When? - This search allows you to search by character, setting, or time period.

Additionally, there is a monthly highlights page full of recommendations and a custom search option for the avid reader who just can't get enough recommendations. Explore this database today to find out the answer to the question, "What do I read next?"

Pair this database with the Florida Authors Virtual Gallery for even more fun!

This database is free to anyone with a library card and PIN. Getting a library card is simple, visit Get Your Card for further information.

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