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Library Programs & Classes

eBay Basics: Computer Class »
Multiple locations and dates

Learn how to buy and sell items on eBay the right way.

Internet Safety: Computer Class »
Multiple locations and dates

Learn about safety tips and good practices when using the Internet. Classes specifically for seniors or children are held periodically as well.

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Library Online Resources

Be Internet Safe Tutorial

Be Internet Safe »

Learn how to protect yourself on the Web. Use the safety tips and practices in this tutorial to become Internet safe.

Buyer Beware with Greg Dawson »

In this video by OCLS, the Orlando Sentinel's own consumer advocate Greg Dawson visits the Library and shares stories about his work and tips on how to avoid getting scammed.

Computer Database »

Find full-text articles from major computer magazines on topics like malware and Facebook security. Don't forget to visit your favorite computer magazine's website to find reviews of Internet security software too.

Reference USA »

Use this database to find contact information for businesses including company headquarters or a parent company.

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Consumer Savvy Websites

Florida Attorney General's Office »

Learn how to protect yourself from consumer fraud with this list of common scams and financial pitfalls.

Florida Division of Consumer Services »

Find out how Florida protects individuals and businesses from illegal practices. They have information for consumers and businesses. You can also browse or search the A-Z Resource Guide.

Florida Office of Financial
Regulation »

Investigate this collection of consumer tips from financial authorities like the U.S. Department of the Treasury, the FDIC, HUD, and others.

Sunbiz™ - The Florida Division of Corporations »

Search for information on corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, trademarks, and much more. Use the Document Searches page to see if a company is registered in Florida.

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Online Safety Websites »

Checking your credit report is an essential part of identity theft prevention. The Office of the Florida Attorney General states that this website is the only official free credit report site on the Web.

Federal Trade Commission »

Browse their comprehensive identity theft information. There is vital information here that you should know to protect yourself and your family.

Microsoft's Password Checker »

Use password security testers to test your password skills. Practice until you can learn how to make a strong password. You might also enjoy the password meter website which can tell you which parts of a password are weak.

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse »

Spend some time exploring the content of this large website. There are many thought provoking articles and fact sheets like: Social Networking Privacy: How to be Safe, Secure and Social.

Wired Safety »

Protect yourself and your family with this comprehensive website. Wired Safety focuses on providing parents with the information they need to keep their children safe on the Web.

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Library Materials

Computer Security »

Learn how hackers operate and what you can do to protect your computer from malicious activity.

Fraud Prevention »

Protect yourself from scams and fraud by learning to recognize them before it's too late.

Internet and Teenagers »

Books and DVDs for parents and educators that discuss what going through adolescence in the Internet Age is like and how it is impacting youth today.

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Kids & TeensKids & Teens

Library Online Resources

Cyberbullying: How to Deal »

What would you do if you encountered a cyberbully? Play through our interactive hands-on tutorial to test yourself. Take the challenge now!

Kids Infobits K-5 »

Online safety is in the news often, you can browse popular newspapers and magazines to read current articles and those from the past. A helpful key indicates if the article is easy or a more difficult reading level.

Library Materials

Books About Online Safety »

Read these books with your child about online safety, researching and playing games online.


Netsmartz »

Resources for parents, educators, law enforcement, teens, and kids. Timely topics like cyberbullying are addressed in interactive kid and teen sites.

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File a Consumer Complaint

Knowing where to file a complaint can be confusing. Explore the following websites to find the one that best suits your situation.

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Mashable »

Explore the world of social media with this large, eclectic, and searchable blog. You can search for and comment on topics like malware and stalking.

Technorati »

Search for blogs and blog postings about online safety. Technorati is a search engine that searches blogs. You can search for blogs with content on specific (or general) security issues and Technorati will rank them by their authority.

Threat Level »

Keep informed with this blog, from Wired Magazine, on current online threats. It's not just about viruses and other malware, it reports on privacy, cybercrime, and politics too.

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Lookout Security & Antivirus

Lookout Security & Antivirus is a free antivirus and antispyware app for Android and iOS devices. You can also track a stolen or lost device and lock it or wipe it remotely.
Google Play | iTunes | Website

Mobile Security & Antivirus

Mobile Security & Antivirus by Avast Software is a free antivirus and antispyware app for Android. It also has features for locating and wiping lost or stolen phones.
Google Play | Website

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