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You will need your Orange County resident library card to access these resources. With a library card, you have access to information, imagination, and inspiration 24/7!

Microsoft Excel

Basic Formatting

Learn to apply basic formatting to text, such as bold and italics, and learn to change font, font size, cell color, and font color.

Basic Formulas

Learn to calculate basic formulas, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and learn to use parentheses and cell referencing.

Pivot Tables

Learn to create Pivot Tables and manipulate Pivot Table fields.

Microsoft Word

Headers and Footers

Learn to add, edit, and remove headers and footers.

Table of Contents

Learn to add, update, and remove a table of contents.


Learn to insert and edit tables, adjust the width and height of rows, and use Table Styles to change the appearance of a table.

QuickBooks Pro

New Customer

Learn to add new customer information.

New Item

Learn to setup item price, description, and inventory information.

New Vendor

Learn to add new vendor information.

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