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Technology @OCLS

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.: Small Business Research Online
.: Make it Your Business


.: Featured Classes of the Month
.: New Classes

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.: Database of the Month
.: Tradúcelo Ahora (Translate Now)
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June 1, 2007

Volume 2 Issue 12

Welcome to the Technology @ OCLS June 2007 Newsletter. This month, learn how to use the Library’s resources to do research online for your small business, update or learn new computer skills, and obtain basic investment information.

What's New

.: Do Your Small Business Research Online

Learn how to start, finance, or manage a small business using this great tool. The Small Business Resource Center allows you to search or browse business topics and types, view sample business plans, and answer “how to” business questions.

.: Grow Your Virtual Garden

 See if you have what it takes to grow your garden. Play the Garden Virtual Game and find all the resources you need in getting tips to grow your very own garden.

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     Featured Classes of the Month

Don’t just hang around the house this summer - become Computer Savvy at the Library! Camp Savvy is a program designed for children ages 8-12 and teens ages 13-18. Below you’ll find a list of the computer classes offered. Click on the class name to register today!

Camp Savvy 2007: Meez Avatar
Learn how to use the Internet to create a 3D animated virtual avatar that can be used on blogs, profiles and more.

Camp Savvy 2007: Weblog Basics
Learn how to publish your thoughts and photos on the Internet using an easy-to-use blog builder that will help you create your personal blog in just three easy steps.

Camp Savvy 2007: Editing Digital Images using GIMP
Learn how to use The GIMP to create and modify your own works of art.

Camp Savvy 2007: Movie Maker
Learn to import, edit and create your own videos using video-clips from Microsoft's built-in application, Movie Maker 2.

Camp Savvy 2007: Internet Safety
Learn about safety tips and good practices when using the Internet.

Camp Savvy 2007: Editing Digital Audio Files using Audacity
Learn how to create your own soundtrack by adding effects to imported digital audio files. Then save and export your soundtrack file as .wav or .mp3 file format.

Camp Savvy 2007: Ringtones
Learn to listen to ringtones on the Internet and then create your own, by using the software Audacity.

Camp Savvy 2007: Windows Media Player
Learn how to use The GIMP to create and modify your own works of art.

Camp Savvy 2007: Google Sketch-Up Basics
Learn to navigate in the Google Sketch-Up Environment and create basic 3D figures.

Camp Savvy 2007: Podcasting
Learn how to subscribe and listen to podcasts online – and create your own.

For registration information, visit our calendar or call 407.835.7323


     New Classes

The Library will be offering four new classes in June! Below you’ll find the class descriptions and when they will be offered. Click on the class name for additional information.

Basic Computer Maintenance and Security
Learn basic tips on how to maintain your computer system using various system tools and maintain a system secure from viruses and spyware. Recommended Prerequisite: Computer Basics 1

Internet Safety
Learn about safety tips and good practices when using the Internet.
Recommended Prerequisite: Internet Level 1

Microsoft Outlook Self-Paced Online Tutorial
Find out how to use the Internet and our library resources to learn a foreign language. Prerequisite: Internet Level 1

QuickBooks Level 1: Creating a New Company
Learn how to setup a new company profile that includes the Vendor Center, Customer Center and items using QuickBooks Pro.

For registration information, visit our calendar or call 407.835.7323


Did You Know?

.: Featured Database of the Month

Standard & Poors NetAdvantage
Feel more confident about your investments and financial decisions. Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage is a one-stop resource for basic investment, industry and company information.

.: Tradúcelo Ahora (Translate Now)

The Library offers access to Tradúcelo Ahora (Translate Now), which offers the ability to translate emails from English to Spanish. This was made possible through a grant from IBM. Check it out today!

.: Add Some Fast Fun Facts to Your Day

Fast Facts includes answers to a large array of questions anywhere from the largest city in the world to the first video game invented. These questions can be browsed by subject or searched by key phrases. Stop by and check out today’s featured fast fact!

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