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August 1, 2013

Volume 9 Issue 2


What's New

» Microsoft Project and Visio 2013

Microsoft Project 2013 Fundamentals
Manage and track your project more effectively. Create a basic project plan, resource calendar, define resources and task dependencies.  This class covers the workspace, different views and the processes in planning, tracking and managing a project.

Microsoft Visio 2013 Fundamentals
Simplify complex information through easy-to-understand diagrams. Design and create diagrams to visualize data, network, home, and office layouts.  Learn how to customize your diagrams and export to other applications. Visio is a powerful diagramming application with built-in stencils.

To register, call 407-835-7323 or visit www.ocls.info/classes.

» Adobe Creative Series

*New* Adobe Audition Fundamentals
Whether you want to create a podcast or record music from home, Adobe Audition will have all the tools you’ll need to get a professional sounding finished product. Learn to remove unwanted sounds, arrange and mix clips, and accomplish other common sound editing tasks. This class covers the basics of advanced digital audio manipulation using this post-production, professional-grade software.

Adobe Photoshop Fundamentals
Create complex and attractive designs using shapes, painting and text with special effects. Build your new business logo, advertisements, marketing flyers and other illustrations with ease using the customizable tools. You will learn to draw and manipulate brushes, custom shapes, filters, and text in unique ways.

Adobe Illustrator Fundamentals
Create complex and attractive designs using shapes, images and text with special effects. Build your new business logo, advertisements, marketing flyers and other illustrations with ease using the vector tools. You will learn to draw and manipulate simple shapes, custom shapes, brush strokes, and text in unique ways.

Adobe InDesign Fundamentals
Design professional layouts and create marketing materials that transform your businesses communications. Develop a magazine catalog using frames, images, graphics and type tools. Learn the fundamentals of Adobe InDesign, a publishing application for print publications, interactive PDF documents, digital magazines, and EPUBs.


» Computer Classes in English, Español, and Kreyòl

The Library offers computer classes in English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole at various locations throughout Orange County. For more information, please visit our online calendar or call 407.835.7323.

Orlando Public Library
English | Español

Alafaya Branch
English | Español

Eatonville Branch

Edgewater Branch

Herndon Branch

Hiawassee Branch
English | Krèyol

North Orange Branch
English | Español

South Creek Branch

South Trail Branch
English | Español | Krèyol

Southeast Branch
English | Español

Southwest Branch

Washington Park Branch
English | Krèyol

West Oaks Branch
English | Español

Windermere Branch

Winter Garden Branch


Did You Know?

» Featured Database of the Month

Ferguson's Career Guidance Center 2013

Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center is not just an encyclopedia of jobs; it is a tool for working on all aspects of career development. Ferguson’s covers career selection, education, financial aid, resumes, interviewing, contacts, and job skills. There are also over 290 videos on careers and job skills.

» Staff Spotlight! Diego D.

How long have you worked for the library?
I have been working for the library for the last 5 years and 4 months.

What do you like best about being an Technology Trainer?  
I love the fact that I can keep learning new technologies and applications while working.  Also, it feels great to contribute to the community.

What new technologies are you most interested in?
Everything related to the development of mobile technologies and applications.

What do you like to do for fun?  
I love reading, dancing, listening to music, and dining out. I also love to play and watch soccer.

» Tech Tip of the Month!

Create Strong Passwords

An easy way to create strong passwords is to create an easy-to-remember phrase and then convert it into a password.

For example, take the phrase:
“I love the Orange County Library!”

By being creative, using some first letters and substituting, this could be converted into:

Create your own strong password using a similar but personalized phrase and process.


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