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October 1, 2012

Volume 8 Issue 4

It's fall and that's not all! October is Squirt's 10th Birthday! Help us celebrate! Check out the What's New section to learn more! Do you want to take classes but just can't find the time to get to the Library? Check out our Featured Classes and learn about our Live Online Classes.

What's New

.: Happy Birthday to the Library's Mascot, Squirt!

Join us in celebrating Squirt's 10th birthday! Make an electronic birthday card or tell a story using digital media. Use your new skills to create a fun surprise for your friends and loved ones for their upcoming birthdays.


Birthday Celebration: Search for Greeting Cards Using the Internet
Learn how to create and send online greeting cards from various websites. Email account required. All are welcome to attend. Kids must be accompanied by a registered guardian.

Birthday Celebration: Tell a Story with Digital Media
Use a collection of digital media such as photos, narration and music to create a compelling visual story. Turn your story into a video you can share with family and friends. All are welcome to attend. Kids must be accompanied by a registered guardian.

For more information call 407.835.7323 or visit www.ocls.info/classes.

.: Preparation Classes for the Microsoft Office Tests

Get ahead of the competition! If you're looking for a job, then becoming a Microsoft Office Specialist could put you ahead -- plus it looks good on your résumé! Classes will be offered at various library locations and are scheduled for two and a half hours.

Once you complete the Word, Excel, or PowerPoint class series at the Library, you'll be ready for these preparation classes.

For branch locations or dates and times, please visit our online calendar or call 407.835.7323.

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Featured Classes of the Month

.: Microsoft Office 2010

Attend the Microsoft Office 2010 training series on Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, Publisher, and PowerPoint. Space is limited, so register today!

.: Mac Computer Classes

Several library locations offer Mac computer classes. Take a class and learn the basics of Mac computers, including iMovie, iPhoto, GarageBand, Numbers, Pages, and Keynote. For a full list of available Mac classes, visit our online calendar or call 407.835.7323.

.: Live Online Classes

Trying to fit a computer class into your busy schedule? Take our Live Online Classes from the comfort of your home or office via the Internet. We offer classes on Microsoft Office, Photoshop, and QuickBooks. Get on board and register today! Note: A computer speaker or a headset is required for audio.

.: Self-Paced Online Classes

Enter your library card information and access our Self-Paced Online Classes to take advantage of computer lessons from our most popular classes. Explore topics like Access, Computer Basics, Email, Excel, Word, and more. Note: These tutorials require Flash Player. If you don't have the Flash Player, download it now for free.

.: Small Business Course Tracks

Select a course track that suits your small business interests and learn the latest computer software programs to help run your business more efficiently. Learn Microsoft Office to create documents and spreadsheets, QuickBooks to manage your finances, HTML to setup a website, Adobe Photoshop to design logos and artwork, and Computer Networking to understand basic networking concepts. Check out the Small Business Course Tracks today!

.: Computer Classes in English, Español, and Kreyòl

The Library offers computer classes in English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole at various locations throughout Orange County. For more information, please visit our online calendar or call 407.835.7323.

Orlando Public Library English Spanish
Alafaya Branch English Spanish
Eatonville Branch English
Edgewater Branch English
Herndon Branch English
Hiawassee Branch English Krèyol
North Orange Branch English Spanish
South Creek Branch English Spanish
South Trail Branch English Spanish Krèyol
Southeast Branch English Spanish
Southwest Branch English
Washington Park English Krèyol
West Oaks Branch English Spanish
Windermere Branch English
Winter Garden Branch English

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Did You Know?

.: Featured Database of the Month

.:: Passport GMID (Global Market Information Database)

Passport GMID is a global market information database that provides country and consumer data for 205 countries. This in-depth database provides information within the realm of marketing, business, international business, and economics. This service includes social media service with exclusive access to videocasts, podcasts, industry events, datagraphics, and webinars. You can find industry reports, company profiles, forecast data, local analyses, and economic, demographic and marketing statistics for a wide range of business and research projects.

.: Staff Spotlight! Frank M.!

Frank has worked with the Orange County Library System for almost six years as a Technology Trainer at the Technology and Education Center. Learning has always been important to Frank. He says, "Being a trainer gives me the opportunity to continually learn new things and share it with others. It never gets old to see glimmers of understanding emanating from student faces when hard concepts or ideas are digested and truly understood." When not teaching classes, Frank likes to explore! "Can I build furniture, fix a malfunctioning computer, or finish a 20-mile run?" he questions. Frank feels "the world is a blank canvas waiting to be explored, one experience at a time." Frank would also like to share with our patrons that, "Learning should not stop after high school or college; it should be a lifelong endeavor to pursue a better understanding of the world around us. A teacher can make that voyage a little easier, but ultimately the student must weather the storm."

.: Tech Tip of the Month!

Internet Browsers -- Tab Shortcuts

Web browsing has become an everyday or even an every minute activity. Because of this, it can pay to learn keyboard shortcuts for commonly performed actions. These work in both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Create new tab Control-T
Close current tab Control-W
Switch tabs Control-Tab


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