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May 2006 

Volume 1 Issue 11

What's New


The Publisher I tutorial has been added to our web site. MS Publisher is a fun and really useful program; it will help you create publications like post cards, brochures, newsletters, diplomas and so much more. The Power Point 1 in Spanish tutorial has also been added, which features the basic functions on how to create a slide presentation. To learn more click here.


OCLS is proud to present the Techno Teens LIVE Blog! Teens can log on and post comments about the library and our programs. Tell the teens you know to get ready, set, BLOG! Drop in and read a spell, why dontcha? Click here to find out more information.


We have begun the process of cataloging our Podcasts and three now live in the catalog! There are several ways to search for them: you can do a keyword search for Podcasts which will include resources we own on the subject of Podcasts as well as our Podcasts, or do an advanced search with a " * " in the any field option and select material type Podcasts. Check it out!




The computer courses spotlighted for the month of of May are those for Seniors. Seniors learn about computers programs the fun way. We have created a new series of classes just for you! These classes are fun, easy and instructive.
Click here to sign up for classes in any of our locations.

Mouse and Keyboard: Become comfortable using the Mouse and Keyboard with hands-on practice.

Computer Basics: Learn computer concepts and terminologies. Become familiar with the computer desktop and learn to perform basic mouse and keyboard functions.

Internet Basics: Learn Internet concepts and terminologies. Become familiar with the background, flow and environment of the Internet and browsers.

Email Basics: Learn email concepts, terminologies and fundamentals. Set up an email account using Yahoo.

Word Basics: Learn word-processing concepts and terminologies. Become familiar with the Microsoft Word environment and create a simple letter using basic Word features.

Excel Basics: Learn spreadsheet concepts and terminologies. Become familiar with the Microsoft Excel environment and create a simple spreadsheet using basic Excel features.

Publisher Basics: Learn publication concepts and terminologies. Become familiar with the Microsoft Publisher environment and create a simple publication using templates, color schemes and layouts.

Power Point Basics: Learn presentation concepts and terminologies. Become familiar with the PowerPoint environment and create a presentation using slides.

Also try other fun classes such as:

  • Quilting Fever
  • Organizing Recipes using MS Word
  • Internet Travel
  • Internet Health

A different class is offered every day during the whole month of May. Don’t miss it!



We are offering four new classes in May 2006!  Click here to sign up for classes in any of our locations.

FAFSA: Explore the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Web Site. Discuss the convenience of submitting the application electronically versus by mail. Define terminology used in the FAFSA.
Recommended Prerequisite: Internet level 1.

Orlando Public Library - April 1, 11 and 28

Creating Organizational Chart Using MS Office Applications:  An Organization Chart allows you to present the hierarchical structure of a company or corporation. It can also be used to show the chain of command within a company.

Orlando Public Library - May 15 and 31

Weblog en Español: Aprenda a crear una página Web fácilmente utilizando Blogger.com
Prerrequisito Recomendado: E-mail nivel 1

Orlando Public Library - May 13

Computer Class Orientation: This orientation is designed for you to become familiar with our computer classes. Our staff will help you select the best class track so you can achieve your personal or professional goals.

Orlando Public Library – May 1



This summer don’t just bum around…become Computer Savvy! Learn to use HTML, Blogging, Photoshop, Movie Maker and more! Create and edit your summer movies and photos! Build your own websites! Enter to win cool techie prizes!  For more information call 407.835.7381.

Click here to sign up for classes in any of our locations. 


Did You Know?


Dun & Bradstreet International Business Locator is the largest single source on U.S. and international business information available right on your PC.  Provides one-click access to more than 28 million public and private companies in over 200 countries.



Computers with assistive technology for visually challenged patrons are available at the main library and all branches. There are two available at the main library and one at each branch. Each computer offers JAWS, MAGic, and OpenBook software.



Join our Online Book Club and every weekday morning, we’ll email you a portion of a book that takes about five minutes to read. After reading two or three chapters, you can finish a book by checking it out of the library. Each Monday, we’ll feature new books. Sign up today and start reading with us tomorrow! To find out more information click here.
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