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February 1, 2008

Volume 3 Issue 8

Welcome to the Technology @ OCLS February 2008 Newsletter. This month, use the Library’s resources to learn about Black History Month and to view the many resources available for the FCAT. In addition, take advantage of the opportunity to attend computer classes at any of our Library locations or virtually from your home or office computer.

What's New

.: Celebrate Black History Month

Be entertained, educated and inspired this month with our Black History Virtual Gallery!

.: Make Valentine’s Special!

Sugar and spice and everything nice! Express your feelings to someone special by designing and sending them a personalized e-Valentine.  It’s easy and fun!

.: Got FCAT? No Problem.

Learn how the Library can help you prepare for the FCAT. Take our FCAT Explorer tutorial and gain the knowledge you need to succeed!

.: New Features Added To The Science Online Database

Read all about the new state standards that were added to Science Online.  Also, explore the additional "Science in the News" search features, 120 new experiments, more than 160 illustrations, 70 new videos, and many new essays from outstanding print titles.

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     Featured Classes of the Month

Join us this month and learn how to create Web pages and Blogs using HTML, JavaScript and other software programs for your small business or personal use.  Click on the class name for additional information.  Register today!

Web Design Basics
The learner will gain knowledge of Web design process, Web standards, and code validation. Recommended Prerequisite: Internet Level

Create a Web site using a Blog
Learn how to create an easy to use Web site where you can publish your thoughts, comments or pictures and share them with family and friends. Recommended Prerequisite: Internet Level 1

Create Webpages Using HTML Level 1
Learn basic HTML concepts and terminology to help you understand how to create a simple webpage using basic HTML tags. Recommended Prerequisite: Internet Level 1

Create Webpages Using HTML Level 2
Learn how to customize a Web page to add features such as graphics, links and tables. Recommended Prerequisite: HTML Level 1

Create Webpages Using HTML Level 3
Learn how to create forms using HTML script to collect information from Web site visitors. Recommended Prerequisite: HTML Level 2

Create Webpages Using HTML Level 4
Learn how to create cascading style sheets and frame sets. Recommended Prerequisite: HTML Level 3

JavaScript Basics
Learn how to add advanced features to your Web site using JavaScript. Recommended Prerequisite: HTML Level 2

.: Online Classes

Take a live virtual computer class from your home or office computer. Get on board and register today!

Curso en Línea: Una Introducción a QuickBooks
Aprenda las características básicas de QuickBooks que le ayudarán a comenzar a organizar las finanzas de su negocio o sus finanzas personales. Esta es una clase en línea. Recomendad Prerrequisito: Excel Balance Sheets

Online Class: An Introduction to QuickBooks
Learn the basic features of QuickBooks to get you started in organizing your personal or business finances. This is an online class. Recommended Prerequisite: Excel Balance Sheets

.: Microsoft Office Week

Starting February 10th through February 15th you can attend our Microsoft training series in Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook. Space is limited, so register today!

Microsoft Publisher Series – February 10
This two-class series introduces the basic to advanced features for creating professional publications such as newsletters, calendars, and business cards.

Microsoft Word Series - February 11
This six-class series introduces the basic to advanced features for creating professional documents, including inserting and formatting tables, as well as mail merge.

Microsoft PowerPoint Series – February 12
This four-class series introduces the basic to advanced features for creating professional slide shows with animations and slide transitions.

Microsoft Excel Series - February 13
This six-class series introduces the basic to advanced features for creating professional spreadsheets that include formulas, charts, and pivot tables.

Microsoft Access Series - February 14
This five-class series introduces the basic to advanced features for creating a database to track and present data with tables, queries, forms, and reports.

Microsoft Outlook Series - February 15
This four-class series introduces the basic to advanced features for creating e-mails, appointments, contact lists, folders, and task assignments.

For more information or to sign up for classes at any of our locations call 407.835.7323 or visit our website.

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     New Classes

The Library will be offering a new class in January!  Below you’ll find the class title and description.  Click on the class title for additional information.

Online Class: Introduction to Photoshop
Learn graphic concepts and terminology. Become familiar with the basic tools required to edit and retouch digital images. This is an online class. Recommended Prerequisite: Computer Basics Level 1

For registration information, visit our online calendar or call 407.835.7323.


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Did You Know?

.: Featured Database of the Month

.: African American Song
African American Song is the first online resource to document the history of African American music in an online music listening service. The collection features 16,000 recordings and contains a diverse range of genres such as jazz, blues, gospel, ragtime, folk songs, and narratives, among others.

.: Take The Martin Luther King, Jr. Quiz

After testing your  Martin Luther King, Jr. knowledge, explore the wide variety of Library resources, materials and Web sites on Martin Luther King, Jr. in our Virtual Gallery

.:Technology Tip: Programs Not Responding

Have you ever used your Windows computer and suddenly it ceases to work? If so, some of the applications running are probably not responding. To close the programs not responding, simply follow the instructions listed below:

1. Right click the Task Bar and select the Task Manager option from the shortcut menu.
2. Under the Applications tab, select the programs that are Not Responding as noted under the Status column.  
3. Click the End Task button.  Sometimes a dialog window will appear stating that the program is not responding. It will provide you with the options to close the program right away by clicking the End Task button (again) or to Cancel, which will allows you to go back to the ‘freezing’ state to wait and see if the issue corrects itself.

Submitted by: Binh-Yen Nguyen, TCCS Eatonville Branch Library

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