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June 2006
Volume 1 Issue 6

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Sweet Home CarolinaSweet Home Carolina
by T. Lynn Ocean

Jaxie Parker is a sexy, savvy advertising executive content to savor Atlanta's nightlife in expensive suits, sipping martinis and gossiping with her best friend. She is enjoying life in the fast lane when, all of a sudden, she's put in charge of her firm's annual pro bono project.


Side Effects: A New Orleans Love StorySide Effects: A New Orleans Love Story
by Patty Friedmann

Told in third person from the alternating points of view of three employees in a New Orleans pharmacy, this classic novel follows their friendship, their families' feuds, and their love lives.


Defining MomentsDefining Moments
by Jacquelin Thomas

From the Essence bestselling author, Jacquelin Thomas, comes an inspiring novel about a woman's spiritual journey to overcome the mistakes of her past and to face the future. Successful career woman Sheila Moore left home to escape the pain of loving a man who would never love her back. When Sheila returns to Charleston she finds herself thrust into an unexpected journey of peace, joy and love.


The Girl from CharnelleThe Girl from Charnelle
by K. L. Cook

It's 1960 in the Panhandle town of Charnelle, Texas -- a year and a half since sixteen-year-old Laura Tate's mother boarded a bus and mysteriously disappeared. Assuming responsibility for the Tate household, Laura cares for her father and three brothers and outwardly maintains a sense of calm.



Total Tai Chi: The Step-By-Step Guide to Tai Chi at Home for EverybodyTotal Tai Chi: The Step-By-Step Guide to Tai Chi at Home for Everybody
by Ronnie Robinson

"Total Tai Chi is a step-by-step guide to this perennially popular practice, which is accessible to all ages and levels of fitness. The book begins with the history and philosophy of tai chi, explaining key principles and modern interpretations of the ancient art.


Who Controls the Internet?: Illusions of a Borderless WorldWho Controls the Internet?: Illusions of a Borderless World
by Jack Goldsmith

In this provocative new book, the authors tell the fascinating story of the Internet's challenge to governmental rule in the 1990s, and of the fate of one idea--that the Internet might liberate users forever from government, borders, and even their physical selves. 


Brokeback Mountain: Story to ScreenplayBrokeback Mountain: Story to Screenplay
by Annie Proulx

"Brokeback Mountain" was originally published in "The New Yorker." It won the National Magazine Award. It also won an O. Henry Prize. Included in this volume is Annie Proulx's haunting story about the difficult, dangerous love affair between a ranch hand and a rodeo cowboy. Also included is the celebrated screenplay for "Brokeback Mountain". 


The New Retirementality: Planning Your Life and Living Your Dreams... at Any Age You WantThe New Retirementality: Planning Your Life and Living Your Dreams... at Any Age You Want
by Mitch Anthony

"The New Retirementality," revisits and expands on Mitch Anthony's groundbreaking concept of Retirementality -- the ability to achieve the freedom to pursue life's goals, at one's own pace, on one's own terms, and at any age. This book will help readers say goodbye to dreary financial opinions and hello to a whole new way of planning for retirement.




The Coal TattooThe Coal Tattoo
by Silas House 

At the heart of "The Coal Tattoo is the story of these two sisters who can't live together, but can't bear to be apart. Left to raise themselves in a small coal mining town in Tennessee, Anneth and Easter are as different as night and day. One worships the flashy world of Nashville, the other is a devout Pentecostal.



Dilly of a Death, A(china Bayles #12)Dilly of a Death
by Susan Wittig Albert

In this new novel from the author of "Indigo Dying," China Bayles prepares for the annual Picklefest, while her husband prepares for a new career that may put them in a murderous mess. 



Hitler's NieceHitler's Niece
by Ron Hansen

A historical novel lays bare the disturbing relationship between Adolph Hitler and his niece Geli Raubal, a much-younger woman whose affair with Hitler ended in her untimely and unexplained death at the tender age of twenty-three.



A Perfect ArrangementA Perfect Arrangement
by Suzanne Berne

When events force Mirella and Howard to reveal secrets they've been hiding from each other, the family cataclysm catapults their nanny (who has secrets of her own) into a position of unnatural control.





Sullivan's EvidenceSullivan's Evidence
by Nancy Taylor Rosenberg

Carolyn Sullivan is back, this time to deal with Carl Holden, a murderer and rapist she helped put away, who has been recently released from prison. Now, Holden has a special visit of revenge to make . . . to Carolyn herself.



Once Upon a DayOnce Upon a Day
by Lisa Tucker

From the internationally acclaimed, bestselling author of "Shout Down the Moon" and "The Song Readers" comes a wise, humorous, and deeply compassionate story about the risks and rewards of loving when a single day can change one's life. 



Dark Light Dark Light
by Randy Wayne White

In the aftermath of a massive hurricane off the coast of Florida, an elderly woman seeks Doc Ford's assistance in combing the reshaped ocean bottom for evidence that would exonerate a loved one for alleged activities during World War II.


London Is the Best City in America London Is the Best City in America
by Laura Dave

When her brother gets cold feet on the eve of his wedding, Emmy takes him on an unforgettable road trip to set things straight. Along the way she learns some lessons on her own, and begins to realize that love, moving on, and happy endings aren't fantasies after all.




by Joanne Harris

Returning to her hometown on a tiny French island called Le Devin, Madeleine is saddened to realize that the island's decline reflects the deterioration of her increasingly withdrawn father, and she seeks to unite the town's other lost souls to save their home


Murder in ExileMurder in Exile
by Vincent H. O'Neil

Living termporarily in a dilapidated cottage in Exile, Florida, and taking a job as a lowly fact checker for an insurance company while recovering from bankruptcy, Frank Cole is called in to investigate the hit-and-run death of a young man.


Little Town Lies

Little Town Lies
by Anne Strieber

A visit to her uncle was supposed to be a vacation, but burned-out social worker Sally Hopkins finds herself investigating a series of animal mutilations. Within the week, a woman is killed, and the investigation turns from looking for a kid who likes to torture cats into a search for a killer.


Fashion VictimFashion Victim
by Chloe Green

Texas fashion stylist Dallas O'Connor arrives in the Caribbean to shoot a music video with a hot new girl band, but when the girls are tormented by terrifying practical jokes, voodoo curses, and a brutal murder, Dallas tries to unmask a killer.



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