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June 2009
Volume 4 Issue 6

Fiction Non-Fiction Downloadable Audiobooks Audiobooks Under the Radar

Welcome to Fresh Picks for the month of May! This month's newsletter contains a wide variety of titles to spark your interest. We are particularly pleased to include McKinty's Fifty Grand, which can be found in the Under The Radar section.


by Wilbur Smith

Former soldier and big-game safari guide Leon Courtney is catapulted into fame for his bravery during a Teddy Roosevelt hunting tour, for which he is recruited to gather intelligence about a rebellion plot against Britain.



The Wildwater Walking ClubThe Wildwater Walking Club
by Claire Cook

Noreen, Tess, and Rosie are neighbors on Wildwater Way and make up the Wildwater Walking Club. As these women walk and talk, and talk and walk, they tally their steps, share their secrets, and let life take them in some new and surprising directions.



The Last ChildThe Last Child
by John Hart

After his twin sister Alyssa disappears, thirteen year-old Johnny Merrimon is determined to find her. When a second girl disappears from his rural North Carolina town, Johnny makes a discovery that sends shock waves through the community in this multi-layered tale of broken families and deadly secrets..



by Lindsey Davis

In A.D. 77, Marcus Didius Falco, agent to the Emperor Vespasian, investigates the mysterious death of the head librarian of the world-famous library of Alexandria, bringing him into immediate conflict with the darker side of academic life.





Galileo Goes to Jail: And Other Myths about Science and ReligionGalileo Goes to Jail
by Ronald L Numbers

Leading scholars in the history of science puncture the myths that continue to cause friction between the science and religious communities. The picture of science and religion at each other's throats persists in mainstream media and scholarly journals, but with each chapter, this book shows how much we have to gain by seeing beyond the myths.



Enough.: True Measures of Money, Business, and LifeEnough.: True Measures of Money, Business, and Life
by John C Bogle

Bogle offers his unparalleled insights on money, values, and what the true treasures are in life. Inspired in large measure by the hundreds of lectures Bogle has delivered to professional groups and college students in recent years, this book will help you discover what it really means to have "enough" and how close you are to really having it.



Real Cajun: Rustic Home Cooking from Donald Link's LouisianaReal Cajun
by Donald Link

One of New Orleans's breakout new Cajun cooking talents shares his updated versions of iconic recipes in this rollicking and inspiring tour of the region.



Do-Over!: In Which a Forty-Eight-Year-Old Father of Three Returns to Kindergarten, Summer Camp, the Prom, and Other EmbarrassmenDo-Over!
by Robin Hemley

A middle-aged father of three describes how he conquered embarrassing demons from his own youth by revisiting and reenacting scenes from his past.



Leading with Kindness: How Good People Consistently Get Superior ResultsLeading with Kindness
by William F. Baker

In the world of business, kindness is often regarded as weakness and the development of it as a leadership trait is sorely overlooked. However, being kind is a crucial attribute of some of the world's most successful business leaders. Baker identifies six ingredients of kindness that are absolutely essential to powerful leadership.



City at the End of TimeCity at the End of Time
by Greg Bear

Bear's work contains sweeping futuristic vistas populated by creatures spawned from a decaying universe. The young heroes, each assigned to protect a fragment of the universe's history, must survive long enough to pass that knowledge onto the new universe that is being born.



Red KnifeRed Knife
by William Kent Krueger

Corcoran O'Connor is caught in the middle of a gang dispute between the Aurora Anglos and the Ojibwe Reservation Red Boyz, a situation that turns deadly when the Red Boyz leader and his wife are found murdered.



Hot, Flat, and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution--And How It Can Renew AmericaHot, Flat, and Crowded
by Thomas L. Friedman

Freidman provides a fresh outlook to the crises of destabilizing climate change and rising competition for energy: explaining how global warming, rapidly growing populations, and the astonishing expansion of the world's middle class through globalization have produced a planet that is "hot, flat, and crowded."





Cold ChoicesCold Choices
by Larry Bond

Former naval pilot and submarine captain Jerry Mitchell embarks on a reconnaissance mission deep in the Barents Sea and struggles to outmaneuver a surprise submarine attack that damages both vessels and strands them on the bottom of the ocean.



The Power of Small: Why Little Things Make All the DifferenceThe Power of Small
by Linda Thaler Kaplan and Robin Koval

This sequel to "The Power of Nice" looks at the small acts that can have a big impact on one's career, life, and the lives of those who matter most.



Fatally FlakyFatally Flaky
by Diane Mott Davidson

It's bad enough that caterer Goldy Schulz has to deal with bridezilla, but also murder. The groom is dead, her godfather thinks he was murdered, and Goldy goes undercover at the Gold Gulch Spa to discover the truth.



The IncrementThe Increment
by David Ignatius

When a hidden Tehran scientist sends encrypted messages to the CIA that reveal Iran's bomb-development program, agent Harry Pappas is directed to discern if the messages are true before enlisting the aid of a secret British spy team to safeguard the scientist, an agenda that forces Pappas to betray his own government in order to protect its interests.



Living WitnessLiving Witness
by Jane Haddam

Former FBI agent Gregor Demarkian is asked by the Snow Hill police chief to investigate the brutal assault of a 91-year-old woman. Despite local politics and law suits about school curriculum, Gregor is more than willing to investigate the crime if it means escaping his neighbors and the chaos of his upcoming wedding.



The World in HalfThe World in Half
by Cristina Henriquez

Miraflores has never seen her father, knowing only that her mother had an affair while in Panama. Caring for her sick mother, Miraflores discovers the truth about her parents love. In secret, she plans a trip to Panama to find her father. What she finds is unexpected, exhilarating, and holds the power to change the course of her life completely.



Rooftops of TehranRooftops of Tehran
by Mahbod Seraji

In the summer of 1973, 17-year-old Pasha spends his time on the roof, joking with his best friend, and asking questions about life. He hides a secret love for Zari, who is betrothed another man. But Pasha and Zari's stolen time together is shattered and the violent consequences awaken him to the reality of living under a powerful despot.



Fifty Grand: A Novel of SuspenseFifty Grand
by Adrian McKinty

A man is killed in the town of Fairview, Colorado. He is an illegal immigrant in a rich resort community, no one is prosecuted for his death and his case is quietly forgotten. Six months later, Cuban police detective Mercado enters the country illegally to go undercover as a maid to find her father's killer and fulfill her own quest for vengeance.



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