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April 2009
Volume 4 Issue 4

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Welcome to Fresh Picks for the month of April! This month's newsletter contains a wide variety of titles to spark your interest.  We are particularly pleased to include Halima Bashir's Tears of the Desert, which can be found in the Downloadable Audiobooks section. 


Angels of DestructionAngels of Destruction
by Keith Donohue 

On a cold night in 1985, nine-year-old Norah arrives on the doorstep of Margaret Quinn, seemingly to take the place of Margaret's only child, Erica, who ran off years ago.



The Dakota Cipher: An Ethan Gage AdventureThe Dakota Cipher
by William Dietrich

Hoping to return home after an unwise affair that ended with a bounty on his head, adventurer Ethan Gage teams up with grizzled Norwegian Magnus Bloodhammer on a quest to find a legendary artifact that some believe possesses the power to control the weather.



The Order of ThingsThe Order of Things
by Lynne Hinton

Voluntarily checking into a psychiatric hospital, depressed and obsessively organized university librarian Andreas finds healing and renewal through an unlikely friendship with fellow patient Lathin, a prison inmate who has also been hospitalized.



Fault LineFault Line
by Barry Eisler

When an inventor client is murdered and he himself is attacked, attorney Alex Treven reluctantly turns for help to his estranged older brother, Ben, an undercover agent in the War on Terror. Their long-simmering resentments threaten to erupt, however, when Ben meets Sarah Hosseini, a beautiful legal associate whom Alex cares for and Ben does not trust. 





The Canal Builders: Making America's Empire at the Panama CanalThe Canal Builders
by Julie Greene 

This groundbreaking history of the Panama Canal offers a revelatory workers-eye-view of the momentous undertaking and shows how it launched the American century.



The Cracker Kitchen: A Cookbook in Celebration of Cornbread-Fed, Down Home Family Stories and CuisineThe Cracker Kitchen
by Janis Owens 

With more than 150 recipes plus family remembrances and cultural history, Owens delivers an irresistible salute to Cracker heritage. 



Happens Every Day: An All-Too-True StoryHappens Every Day
by Isabel Gillies  

In Gillies' memoir, she is forced to come to terms with the swift destruction of her picture-perfect life after her husband leaves her for another woman. An event which her rival reminds her happens every day.



You Are Here: A Portable History of the UniverseYou Are Here
by Christopher Potter

A dazzling exploration of the universe and our relationship to it, as seen through the lens of today's most cutting-edge scientific thinking. 






The Great Escape: Nine Jews Who Fled Hitler and Changed the WorldThe Great Escape
by Kati Marton 

The stunning story of the breathtaking journey of nine extraordinary men from Budapest to the New World, what they experienced along their dangerous route, and how they changed America and the world.



One Fifth AvenueOne Fifth Avenue
by Candace Bushnell

In her fifth novel, Bushnell traces the lives and loves of the aspirational sophisticates in New York City, using the trendiest areas of Manhattan as the backdrop for the stories of five women living in the same swanky downtown apartment building.



The Brass VerdictThe Brass Verdict
by Michael Connelly

After two years of wrong turns, Defense Attorney Mickey Haller is back in the courtroom. When Hollywood lawyer Jerry Vincent is murdered, Haller inherits his biggest case yet: the defense of Walter Elliott, a prominent studio executive accused of murdering his wife and her lover. However, Haller quickly learns that Vincent's killer may be coming for him next.



Tears of the Desert: A Memoir of Survival in DarfurTears of the Desert
by Halima Bashir

In this first memoir of its kind from a woman affected by the war in Darfur, a female doctor in Sudan shares her harrowing tale of courage, hope, family, and survival.






Above the LawAbove the Law
by Tim Green 

When an illegal Mexican immigrant is shot, it makes the news because the shooter is Senator Tucker Dean. It looks like a hunting accident, but this popular senator is wily, vindictive, and dangerous. What will happen to Casey Jordan when she prosecutes a man who seems above the law?



Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and SweetHotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet
by Jamie Ford

Set in the ethnic neighborhoods of Seattle during World War II and Japanese American internment camps of the era, this debut novel tells the heartwarming story of widower Henry Lee, his father, and his first love Keiko Okabe.



Forever Blue: The True Story of Walter O'Malley, Baseball's Most Controversial Owner, and the Dodgers of Brooklyn and Los AngelesForever Blue
by Michael D'Antonio 

Using never-before-seen documents and candid interviews, Michael D'Antonio reveals the life of Walter O'Malley, the most controversial owner in the history of American sports.



A Mad Desire to DanceA Mad Desire to Dance
by Elie Wiesel

At 60, Holocaust survivor Doriel still carries with him a profound sense of desperation and loss. His mother, a Polish resistance leader, survived the war only to die in a car crash with his father shortly after. With the help of a psychoanalyst, Doriel uncovers family secrets and discovers that even the most imtimate wounds can be healed. 




The Sign for DrowningThe Sign for Drowning
by Rachel Stolzman

Anna is a woman haunted by the drowning of her sister when they were girls. When the family falls apart emotionally after the tragedy, young Anna tries to communicate with her dead sister by using sign language. Eventually, her interest in signing leads her to a career as a teacher for deaf children.



The ContractorThe Contractor
by Colin MacKinnon

Rick Behringer is an outside contractor working for the CIA. By day, he provides communications security for small businesses and government offices. In the shadows, Rick's a spy who is in a desperate struggle to take down a terrorist mastermind with the means to unleash hell on Earth.



The Laws of HarmonyThe Laws of Harmony
by Judith Ryan Hendricks

Sunny has been running since she was eighteen, both from the commune where she grew up and from the haunting memory of her younger sister's death. When a second tragic accident turns her world upside down, Sunny runs again, to the town of Harmony on San Miguel Island where she attempts to rebuilt her life. But the past is never far behind.



The CradleThe Cradle
by Patrick Somerville

Early one morning, Matthew Bishop kisses his wife Marissa and begins a journey to find a missing antique cradle that once belonged to his wife's mother.  Pregnant with their first child, Marissa dreams of bringing the baby home to the cradle she herself slept it.  Matt tracks the cradle through several states, only to discover things that will change their lives forever.



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