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January 2009
Volume 4 Issue 1

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Welcome to Fresh Picks for the month of January! This month's newsletter contains a wide variety of titles to spark your interest.  We are particularly pleased to include Liana Krissoff's NBC Sunday Night Football Cookbook, which can be found in the Non-Fiction section. 


The WeaponThe Weapon
by David Poyer

Struggling to obtain the plans for a new Russian nuclear warhead, Navy commander Dan Lenson and his team are betrayed and barely escape with their lives, a situation that prompts an even more dangerous attempt to steal the weapon off of an Iranian submarine.



A MercyA Mercy
by Toni Morrison

In exchange for a bad debt, an Anglo-Dutch trader takes on Florens, a young slave girl, who feels abandoned by her slave mother and who searches for love--first from an older servant woman at her master's new home, and then from a handsome free blacksmith.



by Patricia Cornwell

Leaving behind her private forensic pathology practice in Charleston, South Carolina, Kay Scarpetta accepts an assignment in New York City, where the NYPD has asked her to examine an injured man on Bellevue Hospital's psychiatric prison ward. Is the handcuffed and chained patient a criminally insane stalker who has fixed on Scarpetta?



The Lucky OneThe Lucky One
by Nicholas Sparks

In his 14th book, bestselling author Sparks tells the unforgettable story of a man whose brushes with death lead him to the love of his life. Is there really such thing as a lucky charm? The hero believes he's found one in the form of a photograph of a smiling woman he's never met. 





Flat Earth: The History of an Infamous IdeaFlat Earth: The History of an Infamous Idea
by Christine Garwood

The idea of a spherical world did not start with Columbus and has been the subject of scholarly debate since the the fourth century b.c.  Based on a range of original sources, Garwood's history of Flat-Earth beliefs raises issues central to the history and philosophy of science, its relationship to religion and the making of human knowledge about the natural world.



NBC Sunday Night Football Cookbook: 150 Great Family Recipes from America's Pro Chefs and NFL PlayersNBC Sunday Night Football Cookbook
by Liana Krissoff

This game-day essential marries two great American institutions: food and football. With more than 150 delicious recipes from America's top chefs, NFL players, and NBC Sports' on-air team, the book is an easy-to-use playbook for making the ultimate football meal.



No Limits: The Will to SucceedNo Limits
by Michael Phelps

Featuring insights from the Beijing Games, the pool, and his record-breaking performance, "No Limits" is Phelps's inspirational memoir in which he shares his passion for the sport and lessons he's learned from unexpected challenges and obstacles.



The World Is What It Is: The Authorized Biography of V.S. NaipaulThe World Is What It Is: The Authorized Biography of V.S. Naipaul
by Patrick French

French offers the first authoritative biography of V.S. Naipaul, the controversial Nobel laureate. Informed by exclusive access to Naipaul's private papers and personal recollections, this biography does full justice to an enigmatic genius.






A Good WomanA Good Woman
by Danielle Steel

From the glittering ballrooms of Manhattan to the fires of World War I, Steel takes readers on an unforgettable journey, weaving a spellbinding tale of war, loss, history, and one woman's unbreakable spirit.



The Eye of JadeThe Eye of Jade
by Diane Wei Liang

This gripping debut novel in a new mystery series features an unforgettable female detective in todays Beijing, whose search for a missing artifact leads her to discover the dishonorable secrets of her nation's culture and her family's past.



by Amanda Goldberg and Ruthanna Khalighi Hooper

Based on their insider knowledge, these two daughters of Hollywood take us through the Oscar rituals of that mad and magical week, including the swag parties, the social maneuvering, the aura cleansing, the soirées, and the hottest of all exclusive after-Oscars invites: the Vanity Fair party.



Death of a Gentle LadyDeath of a Gentle Lady
by M. C. Beaton

When the elderly Mrs. Gentle dies under mysterious circumstances, the town is shocked and outraged. Chief Detective Inspector Blair suspects members of her family, but Hamish Macbeth thinks theres more to the story, and begins investigating the truth behind this ladys gentle exterior.






Songs for the MissingSongs for the Missing
by Stewart O'Nan 

When a popular high-school student goes missing from her small Midwestern community, her loving parents, introverted sister, friends, and boyfriend devote themselves to finding her, an effort that gives way to pleading television appearances, private investigations, and intimate struggles to cling to hope.



The Given DayThe Given Day
by Dennis Lehane

Set at the end of the Great War, "The Given Day" offers an unflinching, utterly spectacular family epic that captures the political unrest of a nation caught between a well-patterned past and an unpredictable future.



Against Medical Advice: A True StoryAgainst Medical Advice
by James Patterson

In this nonfiction work with the pace of a thriller, Patterson tells the extraordinary and dramatic true story of one family's struggle with an agonizing medical mystery that began when the Friedmans' five-year-old son began having irrepressible tics and involuntary utterances.



by Ron Rash

An award-winning writer pens this Gothic tale of greed, corruption, and revenge set against the backdrop of the 1930s' wilderness and America's burgeoning environmental movement.



Tales of the Ten Lost TribesTales of the Ten Lost Tribes
by Tamar Yellin

Taking it's imagery from the legend of the ten tribes of Israel exiled by the Assyrians and to the pages of history beyond the River Sambatyon, Tales of the Ten Lost Tribes follows the life journey of a wandering narrator who encounters a series of displaced persons.



Kissing Games of the WorldKissing Games of the World
by Sandi Kahn Shelton

Sharing a house with an elderly man and his young grandson in order to make ends meet, free-spirited artist Jamie McClintock finds her life thrown into turmoil by the old man's sudden death and the return of his estranged son, Nate.  Set on reclaiming the house and his son, Nate clashes with Jamie over every aspect of life, love, family, and home.



A Song in StoneA Song in Stone
by Walter H. Hunt

Friday, October 13th 1307, is a fateful day for the Order of the Temple. They will be arrested by the King of France, betrayed by the Holy Father, and they will cease to exist. Ian Graham, 21st century TV personality, is thrust into 1307 as an initiate of the Order. He has 10 weeks to escape death or torture, if he can find his way home.



The Fourth Time Is MurderThe Fourth Time Is Murder
by Steven F. Havill

With the sheriff out on medical leave following a serious injury, Undersheriff Estelle Reyes-Guzman is called upon to run the Posadas County department and finds herself investigating a strange accident that has injured another police officer, one involving an unknown stranger who had been at and then vanished from the accident scene.



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