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Fresh Picks
May 2008
Volume 3 Issue 5

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Welcome to Fresh Picks for the month of May! This month's newsletter contains the usual wide variety of titles to spark your interest. We're particularly pleased to include John Patrick Hemingway's Strange Tribe.  You'll find it in the Non-Fiction category. 


The End of an ErrorThe End of an Error
by Mameve Medwed

The author of the critically acclaimed "Mail" and "Host Family" delivers this funny yet provocative tale about one woman's inability to forget her first love.





The Rosetta KeyThe Rosetta Key
by William Dietrich

Surviving murderous thieves, a nerve-wracking sea voyage, and the deadly sands of Egypt with Napoleon's army, American adventurer Ethan Gage solved a 5,000-year-old riddle with the help of a mysterious medallion. But the danger is only just beginning in this thrilling new novel.




Names My Sisters Call Me

Names My Sisters Call Me
by Megan Crane

Courtney, Norah, and Raine Cassel are as different as three sisters can be. When Courtney's longtime boyfriend proposes, she decides it's finally time to call a truce and bring the three sisters together, but family ghosts aren't easily defeated.





So Brave, Young, and HandsomeSo Brave, Young, and Handsome
by Leif Enger

A stunning successor to his bestselling novel "Peace Like a River," Enger's new work is a rugged and nimble story about an aging train robber on a quest to reconcile the claims of love and judgment on his life, and the failed writer who goes with him.





A Voyage Long and Strange: Rediscovering the New WorldA Voyage Long and Strange: Rediscovering the New World
by Tony Horwitz

The bestselling author of "Blue Latitudes" takes readers on a thrilling and eye-opening voyage to pre-Mayflower America. An irresistible blend of history, myth, and misadventure, "A Voyage Long and Strange" captures the wonder and drama of first contact.




Strange Tribe: A Family MemoirStrange Tribe: A Family Memoir
by John Hemingway

A memoir that is at once fascinating, compelling, and heartbreaking, Strange Tribe reveals the peculiar dynamics between Ernest Hemingway and his youngest son, Gregory, the author's father.





Panini Express: 70 Delicious Recipes Hot Off the PressPanini Express: 70 Delicious Recipes Hot Off the Press
by Lauren Chattman

Featuring more than 70 easy recipes for deliciously different sandwiches, "Panini Express" also includes recipes for four homemade breads as well as for mayonnaises, spreads, and other tasty sandwich toppers.





The Powers to LeadThe Powers to Lead
by Joseph S., Jr. Nye

Nye argues that the hard power approaches of earlier military-industrial eras have been largely supplanted by soft power approaches that seek to attract, inspire, and persuade rather than dictate. Nye shows that the most effective leaders are actually those who combine hard and soft power skills.






Zero Limits: The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace, and MoreZero Limits: The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace, and More
by Joe Vitale

A riveting book that can awaken humanity, revealing the simple power of four phrases to transform your life.  Considered by some to be one of the pivital self-help books for today's generation with the potential to start dramatic changes in our world. 




An Ice Cold GraveAn Ice Cold Grave
by Charlaine Harris

Hired to find a boy who has gone missing in Doraville, North Carolina, Harper Connelly and her brother discover that the boy is only one of several who had disappeared over the years. As she uncovers the towns dark secrets, Harper becomes the next person likely to rest in an ice-cold grave.




The GatheringThe Gathering
by Anne Enright

The surviving children of the Hegarty clan are gathering in Dublin for the wake of their brother, Liam, drowned in the sea. His sister, Veronica, collects the body and keeps the dead man company, guarding the family secret she shares with him. Enright traces the line of betrayal and redemption through three generations, showing how memories warp and secrets fester.




Expect the SunriseExpect the Sunrise
by Susan May Warren

Is it an accident . . . or an ambush? When their plane crashes high in the Alaskan forest, seven survivors face the challenge of a lifetime-freezing nights, mountain dangers, and injuries. And when suspicions arise about one survivor, they realize their greatest threat is each other.





Bulls IslandBulls Island
by Dorothea Benton Frank

From the best selling author of The Land of Mango Sunsets, comes a satisfying tale of honor, chance, and star-crossed love, infused with Southern wit, grace, and charm.




The Monsters of TempletonThe Monsters of Templeton
by Lauren Groff

Wilhelmina Cooper is told that the key to her biological father's identity lies somewhere in her family's history. She buries herself in the research of her twisted family tree and finds that a chorus of voices from the town's past rises up around her to tell their side of the story.



Starting Out in Chinese: All the Chinese You Need to Get Started in a Simple Audio-Only Program.Starting Out in Chinese
by Living Language

This new, all-audio series features beginner-level courses with all-new material on three CDs, including short-and-simple lessons and dialogues.





The Orpheus DeceptionThe Orpheus Deception
by David Stone

C.I.A. cleaner Micah Dalton returns for another go-round of international espionage, government cover-ups, and high-intensity pursuit that has cemented this series in the best of spy fiction.




All SoulsAll Souls
by Christine Schutt

In 1997, the school year at the distinguished Siddons School in Manhattan opens with distressing news: Astra Dell is suffering from a rare disease. Her friends try to reconcile Astra's suffering with their own longings and attachments. The world of private schools and privilege in New York City is funny, poignant, cruel, and at its heart is a sick girl, Astra Dell.




The Crystal SkullThe Crystal Skull
by Manda Scott

In a spellbinding blend of history, myth, and science, bestselling novelist Manda Scott unleashes a thriller that sweeps from the secrets of the Mayans to the court of a sixteenth-century queen to a shattering end-times prophecy.





by Peter Abrahams

Twenty years ago, Nell Jarreau witnessed the murder of her boyfriend. Her testimony put a man behind bars--and led her to her husband, Clay, the gentle detective who solved the case. They've been happy since, until one phone call changes everything.




Love MarriageLove Marriage
by V. V. Ganeshananthan

In war-torn Sri Lanka, there are two kinds of marriage: the Arranged Marriage and the Love Marriage. An American-born daughter of Sri Lankan immigrants is caught between the tradition of her ancestors and the modern world in which she lives in this debut novel.



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