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Fresh Picks
March 2008
Volume 3 Issue 3

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Welcome to Fresh Picks for the month of March! This month's newsletter contains the usual wide variety of titles to spark your interest. We're particularly pleased to include Ben Carson's Take the Risk.  You'll find it in the Non-Fiction category. 


The Age of ShivaThe Age of Shiva
by Manil Suri

Following his debut novel "The Death of Vishnu," Suri returns with a mesmerizing story of modern India richly layered with themes from Hindu mythology.




A Golden Age

A Golden Age
by Tahmima Anam

In her deeply moving debut novel, Anam tells the story of a young widow who becomes embroiled in the violent political turmoil in 1971 that transforms a brutal Pakistani civil war into a fight for the death for Bangladeshi independence.




MacGregor Tells the WorldMacGregor Tells the World
by Elizabeth McKenzie

The highly acclaimed author of "Stop That Girl" delivers a masterfully plotted debut novel. In what is at once a mystery of identity, a sly literary satire, and a coming-of age story, McKenzie deftly captures a young man's impossible and heroic first love. 




The Perfect ManThe Perfect Man
by Naeem Murr

Set in 1950s Missouri, this stunning novel evokes the intimate life of small-town America and beautifully renders the transformation of a cast-off boy from India into a profoundly decent man.




My Life as a Traitor

My Life as a Traitor
by Zarah Ghahramani

Iranian student Ghahramani was swept off the streets of Tehran and taken to the notorious Evin prison. Her crime was in wanting to slide back her headscarf to feel the sun on her hair. This is her richly textured memoir that celebrates a triumph of the individual over the state.




Desserts by the Yard: From Brooklyn to Beverly Hills: Recipes from the Sweetest Life EverDesserts by the Yard
by Sherry Yard

Yard, Spagos pastry chef to the stars and author of the James Beard Award-winning "Secrets of Baking," shares the recipes that propelled her to the top of her profession. 





Flappers and the New American Woman: Perceptions of Women from 1918 Through the 1920sFlappers and the New American Woman
by Catherine Gourley

Flappers and the New American Woman shocked society in 1918 by flagrantly defying the traditional passive and gentile image of femininity. More aware of her decision-making ability and her purchasing power than her mother had ever been, she was, for the first time ever, a fully enfranchised citizen who cast her vote and fought for social issues.




Take the Risk: Learning to Identify, Choose, and Live with Acceptable RiskTake the Risk
by Benjamin S. Carson, Sr.

No risk, pay the cost.  Know risk, reap the rewards.   In our risk-avoidance culture, we place a high premium on safety. We insure our vacations. We check crash tests on cars. We extend the warranties on our appliances. But by insulating ourselves from the unknown, the risks of life, we miss the great adventure of living our lives to their full potential.




Home to Holly SpringsHome to Holly Springs
by Jan Karon

In the first of the Father Tim novels, Karon enchants with a story of the newly retired priest's spur-of-the-moment adventure. For the first time in decades, Father Tim returns to his birthplace, Holly Springs, Mississippi, in response to a mysterious, unsigned note saying simply: "Come home."




The Oak Leaves

The Oak Leaves
by Maureen Lang

Talie Ingram has an ideal life: a devoted husband; a beautiful son; and another child on the way. But her world is shattered when she discovers a shocking family secret in the nineteenth-century journal of one of her ancestors, Cosima Escott. Only in reading Cosima's words can Talie make peace with the legacy she's inherited and the one she's passed on to her son. 



The Ghost

The Ghost
by Robert Harris

From the bestselling author and literary mind behind "Imperium, Pompeii," and "Fatherland" comes this compelling, modern political thriller ripped from todays headlines.




A Miracle of Catfish: A Novel in Progress

A Miracle of Catfish: A Novel in Progress
by Larry Brown

In November 2004, Brown sent the nearly completed manuscript of his sixth novel to his literary agent. A week later, he died of a massive heart attack. He was fifty-three years old.  A Miracle of Catfish is that novel, an anthem to the North Mississippi land and the hard-working, hard-loving, hard-losing men it spawns is the story of one year in their lives.





Born on a Blue Day: Inside the Extraordinary Mind of an Autistic SavantBorn on a Blue Day
by Daniel Tammet

One of the worlds only 50 living autistic savants is the first to tell his compelling and inspiring life story, and explain how his incredible mind works. While Tammets brain has amazed scientists for years, readers will be moved by his remarkable story.




Homecoming Homecoming
by Bernhard Schlink

A child of World War II, Peter Debauer grew up with his mother and scant memories of his father, a victim of the war. Now an adult, Peter embarks on a search for the truth surrounding his mother's unwavering--but shaky--history, and the possibility of finding his missing father.




by Mischa Berlinski

Vivid, passionate, funny, deeply researched, and page-turningly plotted, this novel--set in northern Thailand--is a daring, spellbinding tale of anthropologists, missionaries, demon possession, sexual taboos, murder, and an obsessed young reporter named Mischa Berlinski.




Before the Dawn: Recovering the Lost History of Our AncestorsBefore the Dawn
by Nicholas Wade

Based on a groundbreaking synthesis of recent scientific findings, this work by an acclaimed "New York Times" science reporter tells a provocative story of mankind's ancient ancestors and the evolution of human nature.




Calling Home Calling Home
 by Janna McMahan

From an extraordinary new voice in fiction comes a haunting, heartbreaking first novel about mothers and daughters, choice and regret, and the dreams, passions, and troubles of one small southern town.




Every Last CuckooEvery Last Cuckoo
by Kate Maloy

At age seventy-five, Sarah Lucas imagined the rest of her days would be spent peacefully with her husband. But when Charles dies from an injury, she is left suddenly and inconsolably alone.   As grief settles in, her mind lingers on the past, remembering the joys and trials of her fifty-year marriage to Charles and the challenges of raising children.




Keeper and KidKeeper and Kid
by Edward Hardy

Eight years ago, James Keeper fell in love, got married, and found a dog.  When conflicting schedules took its toll, they divorced and he moved to Providence.  With a new job and a new love, Keeper is in a comfortable situation.  But one phone call from his former mother-in-law changes everything. Days later, Keeper comes away with a son he never knew he had, and life takes on a new meaning.




All Shall Be Well; And All Shall Be Well; And All Manner of Things Shall Be Well All Shall Be Well; And All Shall Be Well; And All Manner of Things Shall Be Well
by Tod Wodicka

A wildly inventive, mesmerizing, and deeply moving debut novel that features one of the most winning, oddball characters to come along in years.



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