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Fresh Picks
August 2007
Volume 2 Issue 8

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Welcome to Fresh Picks for the month of  August! This month's newsletter contains the usual wide variety of titles to spark your interest. We're particularly pleased to include Laurie R. King's,  The Game You'll find it in the Downloadable Audiobooks category.


Murder with Reservations: A Dead-End Job MysteryMurder with Reservations: A Dead-End Job Mystery
by Elaine Viets

Bestselling author Viets is back with another hilarious novel. Helen Hawthorne has a knack for keeping a low profile. But when a maid is found dead at the motel where Helen works, she knows that dead bodies mean another chance for the police--and her ex-husband--to find her.


The Alchemist's ApprenticeThe Alchemist's Apprentice
by Dave Duncan 

To the legendary clairvoyant Nostradamus, the future is forever in motion. But for young swordsman Alfeo Zeno, the present is hard enough to contend with. After a series of unfortunate events, Alfeo must unravel a web of magic and murder if he is to have any future of his own.

Flower ChildrenFlower Children
by Maxine Swann

From an award-winning writer comes an elegant and lively novel that portrays the strangely celebrated and unsupervised childhood of four hippie offspring in the seventies and eighties.


The Broken ShoreThe Broken Shore
by Peter Temple

Winner of the Colin Roderick Award as well as Australia's major prize for crime fiction, Peter Temple has written a transfixing and moving novel about a place, a family, politics and power, and the need to live decently in a world where so much is rotten.




Weeki Wachee, City of Mermaids: A History of One of Florida's Oldest Roadside Attractions

Weeki Wachee, City of Mermaids: A History of One of Florida's Oldest Roadside Attractions
by Lu Vickers

In the postwar explosion of domestic tourism, Weeki Wachee Spring offered the quintessential vacation fantasy, a city of colorful mermaids in a natural crystal spring right off the West Coast highway in a sparsely inhabited 1947 Florida.   

Nurture the Nature: Understanding and Supporting Your Child's Unique Core PersonalityNurture the Nature: Understanding and Supporting Your Child's Unique Core Personality
by Michael Gurian

Designed to show each parent how to appreciate and capitalize on the unique nature within each child. Every parent who desires to see their child grow into a happy, healthy human being should read this book.


Bikini Bootcamp: Two Weeks to Your Ultimate Beach BodyBikini Bootcamp: Two Weeks to Your Ultimate Beach Body
by Melissa Perlman

Perlman and Gragg know that the secret to losing weight and getting fit is not another diet or endless hours at the gym. Instead, it's a highly targeted exercise plan combined with healthy, delicious, all-natural foods that jump-start the metabolism and melt away the pounds.


What do you do with a lifetime of well-loved possessions when Mom moves to the retirement home, or there's a death in the family, or you are ready to move to a smaller home? This book is your key to finding out what to do with your jewelry, coins, stamp collections, china, silver, glass, toys, & baseball cards.



The GameThe Game
by Laurie R. King

Once apprentice, now investigator, Mary Russell travels to India in 1925 with her former mentor, now husband, Sherlock Holmes. In this seventh adventure, the duo is searching for Kimball O'Hara, the Kim of Rudyard Kipling's eponymous novel.


6 Rainier Drive6 Rainier Drive
by Debbie Macomber

This latest novel in Debbie's popular Cedar Cove series continues the story line established in 50 Harbor Street.



The Good Husband of Zebra DriveThe Good Husband of Zebra Drive
by Alexander McCall Smith

For Mma Ramotswe, there is rarely a dull moment, and in her newest round of adventures, the same certainly holds true. One thing above all else is keeping her occupied, her estimable husband has been hinting that he intends to do something special for their adopted daughter.


How to License Your Million Dollar Idea: Everything You Need to Know to Turn a Simple Idea Into a Million Dollar PaydayHow to License Your Million Dollar Idea: Everything You Need to Know to Turn a Simple Idea Into a Million Dollar Payday
by Harvey Reese

We all have great ideas, and every day, ordinary people turn their simple, clever ideas into products or services that earn them millions in royalties. This book will show you how. 





American OutrageAmerican Outrage
by Tim Green 

From bestselling author Green comes his thrilling new novel that reveals what happens when a tabloid journalists life becomes the story. Using his investigative skills to find his son's birth mother, Jake Carlson uncovers a horrifying ring of deceit and black market child trafficking.


A Good and Happy ChildA Good and Happy Child
by Justin Evans 

A darkly suspenseful literary thriller with the eerie heart of a ghost story, Evans's debut novel delves into 30-year-old George Davies's childhood memories to reveal ominous visions and mysteries that have been long suppressed.


The Far ReachesThe Far Reaches
by Homer H. Hickam 

The year is 1943 and World War II in the Pacific rages on, with Americans engaged in desperate battles against a cunning enemy. 



New England WhiteNew England White
by Stephen L. Carter 
Stephen L. Carter returns to the New England university town of Elm Harbor, where a murder begins to crack the veneer that has hidden the racial complications of the town’s past, the secrets of a prominent family, and the most hidden bastions of African-American political influence.




A Beautiful Blue DeathA Beautiful Blue Death
by Charles Finch

When a servant girl is found dead, a supposed suicide, Victorian gentleman and amateur sleuth Charles Lenox is called in by his old friend, Lady Jane, to investigate and begins to suspect that the girl has fallen victim to a rare and deadly poison.


The Cliff House StranglerThe Cliff House Strangler
by Shirley Tallman

The serenely self-assured 19th-century lawyer Sarah Woolson is still trying to get her life together when she is suddenly involved in a complicated murder plot involving ghosts, gypsies, and City Hall--all while facing off with a fellow lawyer.

by Jeremy Page

A haunting, evocative portrait of three generations of a family, this debut novel explores the relationship between people and the landscape in which they live.


An Irish Country DoctorAn Irish Country Doctor
by Patrick Taylor

In this charming and engrossing tale, a recent medical school graduate arrives in a rural Irish village to be an assistant to an older physician. The young doctor soon finds out more about life--and love--than he ever imagined back in medical school.



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