Books & Beyond: A monthly Library news and information publication sponsored by the Friends of the Library

March 2013

Volume 10 Issue 7

America's Music

A Film History America's Music

Take part in this special series celebrating our popular music
and its history.






Meet the Author

Lucas Boyce
Living Proof

Hear local author and NBA executive Lucas Boyce's inspiring and motivational
story about the struggles
he endured on his journey
to success.






Viva Florida 500

CeViva Florida 500lebrate 500 years of Florida!

History has been 500 years in the making for the great state of Florida. Join us in discovering more about our rich history the diverse cultures that have shaped Florida.






E-book Publishing Series

From novice to New York Timesebooks

Rik Feeney teaches how to turn your ideas into e-book material. Self-publishing has never been easier in this digital age.






Go Green

St. Patrick's Day Christine MacPhail

Go green in March with the library and celebrate St. Patrick's Day.








Women's History Month

A cause for celebrationNoreen Renier

Join us for two author
talks with inspirational
and admirable women in honor of Women's History Month.







Art on Display

Paintings, displays and more!
Art on Display

On display this month are the pieces submitted by the finalists of the Women in the Arts, Inc. art competition.






Health & Wellness

For total body health Health & Wellness

This month we're offering programs that range from mental health to nutrition. There is something for everyone!






The Roman Legacy

Art, architecture and more Rome

The Roman Empire influenced many of
its successors.
Learn about the many credits we owe to them that still exist in our present-day society.






Small Business... BIG Ideas

Business ParntersBuilding Business Relationships

Local expert Marilyn Simmons shares her tips on how to build relationships in order to strengthen your business.






Book Clubs

Join the club! Book Clubs

Join one of our regular book clubs and meet others with similar interests and tastes.





Featured Database

Health and Wellness Resource Center Featured Database

Health and Wellness Resource Center is a comprehensive resource that provides integrated access to medical, statistical, health, and related information. Use this Resource Center to find information about diabetes, cancer, obesity and depression among other conditions. Also search within current topics in the news, drug and herbal remedies, health directories, and health highlights.



Zinio for Libraries

Dorothy Lumley Melrose Center for Technology, Innovation & Creativity

DIY Learning

New Book Alerts

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