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I can't get into the library website.

Are you getting an error message that states: 566 Response HTTP Version Unsupported. This Web page could not be opened with the specified browser HTTP version. Please contact the owner of this Web page for more information. ?

This message comes up if someone is using AOL to view our website. Minimize AOL (but not close it). Then open up Internet Explorer and use IE as your browser. You should have IE on your desktop, if not it can be opened from the Start Menu and Programs.

If you are not getting the above error message it's possible our server is down. Try accessing our website a little bit later.

If the above solution doesn't work, or you aren't using AOL, please call us and report the issue.

If that doesn't answer your question, try searching for another question, or contact Help Desk.

Last Updated June 29, 2005

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