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Get an answer to these questions:
- How can I get the Freegal Music app?
- How can I stream music in Freegal Music?
- How do I download a song in Freegal Music?
- I am having trouble with Freegal.
- I downloaded a song from Freegal Music, but I can't find where it is on my computer.
- I log in to Freegal Music, accept the terms and conditions, and then I'm taken to the About Us page or given a notice that I'm not authorized to view the site.
- In Freegal music I only downloaded four songs, but when I go to download the fifth song, I'm told I've exceeded my limit. What happened to my fifth download?
- My song only downloaded partially or only the first few seconds of my song plays...what can I do?
- Nothing happens when I click on the play arrow to listen to the song sample in Freegal Music...
- What is Freegal Music 4.0?
- What is Freegal Music Streaming?
- What is the Freegal Music download limit?

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