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Kindergarten Readiness

Health & Safety Skills

Needless to say, a healthy and happy child will do better in school. Check the resources on the right to see how you can help your kids be healthy, strong, fit, and safe.

Here is what you can find at your library:

Dental Care

From healthy teeth -- to healthy bodies!


Movies that will get kids excited about exercise.

Food and Nutrition

Read about healthy eating habits.

Stories about Staying Safe

Safety rules in these books!

May we also suggest the following websites:

Hurray for Health!

Arthur from PBS has created healthy lesson plans.


How does your body work?. Learn how to stay healthy with these great tips from Nemours Foundation.

Physical Activities

Ideas for developing physical coordination in kids.

On the go? Here are some mobile suggestions:

Healthy Heroes Kids

Healthy Heroes is a unique exercise experience using more than 80 exercise activities with a mix of games and fitness for free.

Google Play | iTunes | Website

Kids Yoga

Yoga Kids premier yoga for children. Includes yoga poses for children as well as instructions for parents concerning yoga practice.

Google Play

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