Kindergarten Readiness

Basic Concepts

In kindergarten, your child will study:

  • basic colors,
  • shapes,
  • parts of the body,
  • time of day,
  • opposites,
  • and other concepts.

You can give them a head start by studying these concepts during their preschool years.

Here is what you can find at your library:

Books About Colors

Learn about all the colors in a rainbow!

Early World of Learning

Explore this interactive body!

Movies About Colors

Library movies explore the world of colors.


Big and small, short and tall - see them all!

Recognize Parts of the Body

Where is your belly button? Books about your body!


Is it round or square? Find out all about it at your library!

Time Tower

What time is it? Look at hands on the clock.

Understand Time of Day

Is it quarter to or quarter after? Read, watch, understand!

May we also suggest the following websites:

Kwala Shapes Game

Put shapes in right places!

Preschool Games

Enjoy these interactive games that will help you learn, practice and master your shapes, colors and numbers.

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