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Check out Club Central



Club Central is located in Library Central at the Downtown Orlando Public Library

Club Central was designed by teens like you, for you!

Books... duh!!

Club Central offers a wide variety of genres for our teen readers. Are you looking for action or just a typical love story? Search our Library Catalog for your favorite reads.


Audio Books

So you don't feel like reading? Listen to one of many audio books in Club Central.



Club Central has cool mags for all readers.


Flat Screen TV

Can't decide whether to go to the movies or the Library? Why don't you go to both? Club Central features a flat screen TV to show teen flicks!



You can access the web with your valid Orange County Library Card. Need to type up a report or essay? All computers are equipped with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Publisher. Computer sessions are one hour long.


Study Room

Need a place to study? Visit our study rooms for a nice and secluded area to review for the next day's exam.



Be a part of our many clubs! You can speak up as a member of Teen Voices, give back a little "TLC" with the Teen Library Corp, or join other Anime and Manga fans at our Animanga Club.



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