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Smart Girl: Speak out, express yourself and spread the word on Smart Girl.

Craftster: Crafts aren't just for kids! Check out these ultra-hip craft ideas from folks all around the world! Have one of your own? Post it!


Rotten Tomatoes: Want to see what the world has to say about the latest movie coming out? Check out the movie's reviews, a red or rotten tomato!


Homestar Runner: Check out these hilarious internet cartoons featuring such wild characters as Strong Bad, Marzipan, Pom Pom, the Poopsmith, Homestar Runner, and more!


Knowledge Hound: The site houses the largest number of "How-to" Internet tutorials on the world wide web! Check out tips on everything from making costumes to singing better to designing your own website and more.


Global Network of Dreams: This site is an experiment in artificial intelligence helping to connect people's likes in music, books, movies, and the web into one ever-winding web. Start with a song, movie, or book title and see where it takes you!


Teen Central: It's real, it's anonymous, and it's totally about you, your life, and your world. Share with other teens across the World Wide Web on any topic that suits you.


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